Huge Update for Scratches: Director's Cut Fans!
BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA - Nucleosys Digital Studio is proud to announce a huge update for the hit horror game Scratches. Following the successful release of the Director's Cut edition, a recently available new version which includes several exciting features, chief among them more detailed graphics and a whole new playable chapter, this update now raises the bar even more!

If you thought the graphics in Scratches Director's Cut looked great, think twice. Nothing compares to the content enabled by this update, which includes a complete remake of the original game, with shiny new graphics. The detail is breathtaking and Blackwood Manor has never looked this good. The enhanced atmosphere, along with the improvements already made available by the Director's Cut edition, will engulf you in ways you could have never imagined. This is the culmination of long months of extra work, in response to the overwhelming feedback from our fans, which keep asking for more. The mystery of Scratches is still in force, over one year from its original release.

Fortunately, to those that cannot spare the bandwidth, Got Game Entertainment has kindly offered to ship “CD 2”, a physical CD containing this update. In order to request this CD, you can send an e-mail to:, with your mailing address, subject: SDC, CD2. It is important to note that from now on the retail release will include a second CD with this update, in which case players will have everything they need. Nucleosys Digital Studio wish to thank Got Game Entertainment for their great support, and care for the customer.

As if this announcement wasn't enough, Nucleosys Digital Studio is also hinting at yet another upcoming update, with a feature that will give our fans one final dose of Scratches and mystery... and definitive answers!

Nucleosys Digital Studio hopes you enjoy this mega-update and your new visit to Blackwood Manor!

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