gPotato Europe Unveils Flyff : Act III Political System
Company: gPotato
« Act III : Battle for Madrigal » is the name of the upcoming expansion for the free-to-play MMORPG Fly for Fun. This update will be available next October and will introduce a brand new policital system allowing users to have direct impact in their world.

Every two weeks, a big election takes place where adventurers who reached the Hero and Master ranks can register as a candidate. After 24 hours, the 10 highest bidding candidates are presented to the public and can display their public pledge to all adventurers of Flyff. The winner of the election will then be the ruler of Madrigal and will be called ‘Lord’.

All characters above level 60 have two days to vote for their favorite candidate. Once elected, the Lord receive exclusive stuffs, luxury flying-bike as well as new powers. As Lord, he’s also granted the right to collect taxes in various shops of Madrigal. These taxes can then be used to cast a powerful enchant over Madrigal boosting the experience and item gain by the adventurers for a limited time.

With this newly added functionality to the critically acclaimed MMORPG Flyff, Aeonsoft Inc. wanted to give the players the ability to have a direct influence in their world and reinforce the community links with the new political system. The expansion « Act III : Battle for Madrigal » will bring more new features which will be explained in details in the upcoming communications.

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