Street Gears Creative Writing & Christmas Screenshot Contest
Company: gPotato
Street Gears, the new free-to-play in-line skating MMORPG celebrates its first Christmas since its launch on the 22nd November at the gaming portal. From 22nd December through to the 8th January, the gPotato team has organised a series of in-game events for the expanding community of players.

Commencing 22nd December, two contests have been organised by the gPotato team to allow our vibrant growing community to express their creative skills in different ways. For our growing number of players with a talent for writing, we have a poetry contest set within the Street Gears universe to highlight the verve of our writers. For everyone else, we have a screenshot competition looking to get the best screenshot with a Christmas theme. New Christmas outfits will be available to players from this date.

In addition, Park Town will host a Christmas Quiz during the 23rd December, with the gPotato team giving players the opportunity to test their knowledge against each other. Plenty of gifts await players as Street Gears hosts this electric and competitive event.

As with all events in Street Gears, the gPotato team is working hard to allow the community to grow around creative and competitive in-game activities and to give players the opportunity to express themselves creatively about the game they like. 2009 will see the team scheduling regular in-game activities and letting players have a genuine and pleasant gaming experience, available free at

- About Street Gears -

Street Gears is a free in-line skating cel shaded MMO set within an urban manga universe, published in French and German by Gala Networks Europe Ltd. In the city of Park Town, Street Gears players embody riders, in-line skaters and thrill seeking fans who live only for freedom. Races, challenges and mini-games are the day-to-day of these riders, in the webs only skating MMORPG