Announces Next Dragonica Expansion: Awakening of the Ice Dragon
Company: gPotato
Dublin, Ireland – December 16th 2010 – is proud to announce Awakening of the Ice Dragon for Dragonica, the free action MMO. The update includes an entire new continent for the Dragonica world map and a wide range of new features based around in-game markets and auctions. On top of the new gameplay content is a planned raise of Dragonica’s level cap. The update will launch in early 2011, just after Dragonica’s current festive period, which sees the world dressed with an icy, winter wonderland theme to celebrate Christmas.

The new land of Pagosia will bring a host of new maps and landscapes to Dragonica players. The dark shadow of the Ice Dragon has left its mark on the cold and gloomy continent of Pagosia, and it is up to each hero to overcome the new challenges, which include four new mission maps - one of which featuring a show-down with the Ice Dragon himself.

Awakening of the Ice Dragon will also include three exciting new dungeons for different character levels and the launch of the highly anticipated strategic defence mode. Here, players are challenged to fight alone or in groups against waves of invading enemies. This mode will be available in the majority of Dragonica’s huge amount of arcade-style mission maps, with the number and level of the monsters depending on the amount and character level of the players present in each instance.

Awakening of the Ice Dragon will also bring extended usability features to Dragonica such as a guild and party search board, as well as a market stall feature where players can set up a market to sell their items on any map in the game. Existing and new players of Dragonica are invited to log in to the game and visit the official European website at New players can download the game directly from or legally from Bittorrent.

About Dragonica
Join the colourful fantasy world of Dragonica and discover the action packed adventure that awaits players in this vibrant free MMORPG. Dragonica’s 3D manga-style world and action rich arcade-style are guaranteed to make this a unique gaming experience. Enjoy hundreds of quests and colourful skills while hunting monsters in dark dungeons and battling against other players in the PvP and Emporia arenas.
Adorable pets, an open market function as well as couple-, marriage- and friendship systems are just some of the other features Dragonica has to offer. All you need to play this free manga-style online Action Game in English, German or French is a free download from the gPotato Portal:

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