Reveals More Details About the Upcoming Rappelz Expansion Epic VII Part 2: Obsession
Company: gPotato
Dublin, Ireland – March 16th, 2011 – Gala Networks Europe, one of the leading free-to-play games publishers that operates the portal, is delighted to reveal more detailed information about the next expansion for its Fantasy MMORPG Rappelz. Epic VII Part 2: Obsession, which will be launched in Europe in early Spring 2011 will offer more challenging PvE content.

The brand new and very large Espoir dungeon will open its gates for all adventurers from Level 138 who are looking for the ultimate challenge. Divided into several districts which players have to make their way through, fighting a horde of terrifying monsters like the Ancient Priest, the Burst of Darkness, the Wicked desire of Lucian and many more before facing the evil end boss – whoever that could be; this expansion is sure to terrify and captivate the Rappelz community.

There is also more good news. Players will be granted some help from a special and scary looking creature: The “Bride of Chuky” will help brave adventurers to discover the real truth behind the end boss. But beware, the creature will disappear after four hours.

For all players who have tamed many pets, the newly introduced Creature Farm will be a big support. Adventurers can acquire a creature farm pass and leave the pets with Sonja, the owner of the farm for a set period of time. During their time at the farm, the pets will grow and level up automatically.

In addition to all of this Rappelz players will be able to continue to solve the mysterious riddle behind Lost Island, as many quests and challenges have been added. Once the quests have been finished, players will be rewarded with the wonderful Kainen creature that has been sealed in the lake for many years.
Besides this large content update, many other features will be implemented with the new Rappelz expansion as well so stay tuned for Epic VII Part 2: Obsession.
The expansion will be available soon in German, French, Polish, Italian and Turkish.

For more information please visit the official European Rappelz website at

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