Battle Space, the new Sci-Fi MMO RTS!
Paris - France - September 27th, 2013

Gravity Europe publisher is proud to announce that its highly awaited Sci-fi free-to-play Browser Based Multiplayer RTS, Battle Space, has entered the first stage of Open Beta testing. Gravity Europe welcomes new players who've been awaiting their chance to experience Battle Space's unique sci-fi universe, and encourages everyone to join its friendly community of testers to help provide ongoing feedback and truly make Battle Space their game. Players can join Battle Space's Open Beta test for free by signing up at :

« We're extremely excited to move into the first stage of Open Beta testing and finally unlock BattleSpace for everyone. » said Stéphane Bonazza, COO of Gravity Europe. « We are working on it closely with Mobcast Global for several months now and we truly think that Battlespace will give some new fresh air to the sci-fi world. We'll be growing that experience over the months ahead with new features and content delivered frequently into testers' hands. »

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About BattleSpace
Enter a galactic adventure with BattleSpace, our latest strategy space game! Conquer planets, join a Union (guild), and engage the enemy with customized battleships. BattleSpace immerses the player in a community-driven starscape, where a player may sign peace treaties...or prepare for interstellar war.

About Gravity Europe
Gravity Europe is the exclusive publisher and distributor for Gravity Co., Ltd, (GRVY, Nasdaq), a globally recognised Korean company and leader in the online and mobile video game markets. The leading partner of the group, Gravity Europe is also its entry point into Europe, with the exclusive rights to operate Ragnarök Online, a global success with more than 55 million players. In order to accelerate its development, in July 2011 Gravity Europe joined the Media Participations group, the holder of many major licenses including XIII, Lucky Luke and Thorgal. The two companies are now able to benefit from their mutual experience, grow their expertise and explore new synergies through partnerships with other global publishers and distributors of online games.

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