Grey Dog Software Releases Total Pro Basketball 2005
Phoenix, AZ November 1, 2004 – Grey Dog Software, a Phoenix based developer of sports management simulation software for personal computers, is pleased to announce the release of its highly anticipated basketball simulation, Total Pro Basketball 2005. Critically acclaimed basketball game developer Gary Gorski recognizes the importance of statistical accuracy and immersive gameplay and has successfully created an environment that enables you to control the destiny of an entire basketball franchise. Total Pro Basketball 2005 is an exciting and highly addictive simulation game that is available exclusively through Grey Dog Software.

Total Pro Basketball 2005 adds revolutionary features to the basketball management genre. With a state-of-the-art 2d engine and exceptionally accurate simulation engine, Total Pro Basketball 2005 tests your ability to run your franchise both on the court and off allowing for incredible depth and hours of challenging fun. Total Pro Basketball 2005 will prove to be the next step in sports management realism.

“We are very excited to announce the release of Total Pro Basketball 2005,” said Arlie Rahn, owner of Grey Dog Software. “Gary Gorski, Paul Yuan and the entire TPB2005 team have done an outstanding job in creating a game that provides the accurate game engine and breadth of statistics to properly simulate the game of basketball, while also including an engaging interface and the challenging management options needed to make this title a must-have for all sports game fans.”

About Grey Dog Software
Grey Dog Software, LLC an Arizona based, privately-held company, is a leading developer of sports management simulations for the PC. Grey Dog Software strives to provide ground-breaking features, enormous depth, and endless replayability with each game.
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