The Pre-Order of REFUSION Started & REFUSION Arcade Trainer Released
Company: Gumpanela
Prague, Czech Republic, February 19, 2013: Gumpanela Entertainment, an independent game development studio is entering the indie video game market. Happy to announce key milestone towards launching the REFUSION Game. The Pre-Order of REFUSION has started and REFUSION Arcade Trainer is released now.

We are pleased to announce the availability of the REFUSION Pre-Order which provides you with freedom to play all the versions of REFUSION. Whilst the game is still being developed, this is a key milestone for us as it marks the game’s and ours move towards releasing the first executable build of REFUSION.

REFUSION Arcade Trainer is built of terrains, environments, buildings and units from the original REFUSION Game.
We’re bringing up a minigame so you can try it out, taste it, play with it and prepare yourselves before the real REFUSION comes out!

You will experience four different environments whilst flying in a cockpit with eight different types of airplanes, in four missions as a Human and in four missions as a Skoroman. You are a Human pilot and your task is to repel Skoroman’s attack on Human base, support friendly ground units, then engage enemy units and finally ruin Skoroman’s base. But in the end something will go wrong and ... you will see.

Buying REFUSION Game Access at this phase of development will give you the right to play the current and all the future versions of REFUSION Game! Current version is REFUSION Arcade Trainer, following version will be the first executable build of 3D REFUSION Game running on our proprietary SamOne Engine, which is planned to be released in a couple of months.

So you are in by paying just $11.88/€8.88. You’ll get immediate access to play REFUSION Arcade Trainer - casual minigame plus fancy REFUSION Forest Retreat Screensaver with 6 different background videos with sound plus 3D REFUSION Game when it first time comes alive and all of the following versions and updates!

And moreover, if you buy REFUSION Game Access right now, you will be awarded with in-game title "The Originator" as a hero who supported us at this crucial phase of development!

We are also pleased to announce the availability of our newly revamped website and we encourage you to take a look! Here you’ll be able to keep up-to-date with our news and development progress as well as learn more about the REFUSION content in upcoming Encyclopedia section. The game's website gives a glimpse behind-the-scenes of creating content, concept art and development diary. You can also watch the REFUSION Arcade Trainer teaser video, see the screenshots and artworks.

Don't hesitate and go straight to

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