Gumpanela Entertainment Announces Refusion®
Company: Gumpanela
Prague, Czech Republic, January 16, 2007: Gumpanela Entertainment, an independent developer studio, announced today the development of its upcoming title, REFUSION® - the world’s first game to combine full FPS and full RTS.

Running on its own unique and completely new engine, REFUSION® brings top FPS graphics and physics quality and allows players to engage hundreds of diverse units in extensive, borderless battlefields. REFUSION® entered the production stage in October 2006. The game is developed for the Windows PC platform and will be released in December 2007.

Main Features:
• Unique union of FPS and RTS game technology;
• State-of-the-art FPS quality in physics and graphics;
• Extensive, borderless game environment;
• Massive units and buildings;
• Epic battles, hundreds of units engaged;
• Full and/or partial destructibility of units – for example, a car without a wheel will still be able to move along;
• No respawn time – more playing, less waiting;
• Open Games – you can join any game any time – the system’s auto-balance feature will keep everything in order, both Master or Fighter, no matter who joins in;

REFUSION® runs on its own completely new engine that takes advantage of multi-core CPUs and multi CPU systems using state-of-the-art, proprietary technology. The engine is able to handle tens of thousands of simultaneous interactions in real time. This means you can enjoy:

• A fully and partially destructible environment;
• Separable objects – units exist even after partial destruction;
• Huge Game Environment – 1600 km2;
• Hundreds of thousands of objects with their own physical attributes;
• Massive battles EVERYWHERE in the game environment;
• Many types of units;
• Large and diverse environment spectrum;
• Breathtaking view distance - massive perspective;
• Dynamic shadows in whole view;
• Shader Model 3.0;
• HDR.

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About Gumpanela Entertainment
Gumpanela Entertainment, based in Prague, Czech Republic, is a game developer studio formed by experienced professionals who worked on world-popular titles such as Mafia, Operation Flashpoint, Alpha Prime, Killzone 2, 18 Wheels of Steel series and El Matador.

Ondrej Urban
Gumpanela Entertainment, s.r.o.
Belohorska 41
169 00 Prague 6
Czech Republic

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