Bridge Constructor Medieval Coming Very Soon!
Company: Headup Games
Düren, April 17th 2014 – Welcome to the age of castles and knights; welcome to times where roads where just rutted lanes and damaged bridges made rivers an exceedingly challenge. But now it’s your turn – and your pleasure – as royal bridge constructor you plan and build unique bridges of various types. Welcome to Bridge Constructor Medieval!

Fans of the series should get prepared – because the successor of our million sellers Bridge Constructor and Bridge Constructor Playground will be available on May 1st, 2014 for iOS and Android. Developed by ClockStone Studio just as the predecessors, the game will feature best quality gameplay and high-grade fun as before. But that’s not all – Bridge Constructor Medieval brings many new features as well:

In the brand new siege levels, your bridge will be attacked by enemy catapults. So it´s up to you to build particularly strong bridges to avoid getting them ripped apart. Additionally you have to protect your infantry and their horse-drawn carriages by equipping your bridge with solid roofing. On the other hand you have to construct bridges that collapse under the weight of attacking troops, sending the horde of enemies into the abyss below.

In combination with the picturesque setting of beautiful castles and landscapes, an exciting and humorous background story will drag you into the game like never before. And of course numerous new bridges will await the player, just like fans of the series love it. By the way: Bridge Constructor Medieval features new materials, too. You can choose between normal and heavy wood, ropes, stone and protecting roof elements.

After the great success of Bridge Constructor and Bridge Constructor Playground, played by millions of people worldwide, there will be more brain teasers with Bridge Constructor Medieval releasing 1st May – both for experienced fans and construction newbies. More information and material will follow very soon; first international screenshots and the logo can be found by the following links:


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