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Hell-tech, a Greek publishing and distribution company, has announced that it has secured the distribution rights to action/role-playing game “Mount & Blade” from Paradox Interactive for the Greek territory. Mount & Blade is scheduled for a release in August 2008 on PC.

ABOUT Mount & Blade:

Mount&Blade is a single player PC game that combines action, role-playing and strategy elements in a unique blend. It features one of the most intuitive and fun to play medieval combat systems ever devised, letting you fight on horseback or foot using a great variety of weapons. Playing Mount&Blade, you will raise and command your own band of soldiers and fight alongside them in epic battles, join kingdoms and become the lord of castles, take quests, and adventure freely in an exciting medieval world.

Combining a sophisticated, dynamic game world and intense medieval swordfighting action, Mount & Blade has you venturing through a world filled with daring enemies as well as friendly groups that will come to your aid or need yours. In a land torn by constant danger, raids and skirmishes, you will raise and lead your own war band, commanding dozens of hardened soldiers. You will hunt down your enemies following the tracks they leave behind. And you will fight epic battles where arrows cut the air with deadly hisses, axes and swords hack with fury, and horses and men clash into a violent melee.


- The combat system comprises a mix of action and tactical elements. Battles take place on randomly-generated 3D terrain, featuring hills, plains, trees and rivers with weather effects such as fog and snow.

- The player directly controls only the PC's actions. All other party members, if any, participate in battle and can be controlled through simple commands. Unlike most other RPG titles, there are no fantasy elements such as healing potions, and no on-hand inventory of items for direct access during combat.

- Mount&Blade places special emphasis on mounted combat. In general, mounted troops have higher mobility and are therefore able to do relatively higher damage with melee weapons than those on foot. Moreover, the horse itself can damage enemies by charging into them. However, horses are also vulnerable to enemy weapons, so a mounted soldier can be defeated by a skilled footman.

- Another feature is the inclusion of prisoners. They can be captured when defeated enemies are knocked out and can be sold in specific locations. Also, enemy-kept prisoners can join the player's party after being liberated.

hell-tech will release “Mount & Blade” in August 2008 in Greece.
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