High Voltage Employee Reunites Missing Children With Family
(May 05, 2005 – Hoffman Estates, IL) What do you do if you hear a bunch of squawking around your office? You go to check out the problem and realize it is some geese creating a ruckus in a nearby pond. If you’re Markus Peekna, an artist for High Voltage Software, you investigate further and realize three baby geese have been stranded on the building’s rooftop and separated from their now scared parents.

It appears that the geese laid their nest on High Voltage’s rooftop and ran into a problem getting three of their baby geese to follow them down to the pond. Markus, not wanting to see the babies separated from their parents, sprang into action at about 2 PM on May 5, 2005. He quickly worked with IT Director Raymond Bailey to acquire a large box and head up onto the rooftop. From there they worked to coax the baby geese into the box and head back down to the ground. All the while the adults could be heard frantically calling to their young ones from down below.

Once Raymond and Markus arrived back on solid ground Markus headed back towards the pond where the parents were protecting the rest of their children. Knowing if he touched the baby geese that they might get abandoned by their parents he had to work extra hard to get the baby geese to leave the box and head towards their parents.

Markus talked about how protective the parents were, “Once they saw the goslings they charged towards me, closing the distance between them and their young.” After a bit more prodding it worked and shortly thereafter the baby geese could be seen reunited with their parents and on their way to another fun filled day in the water. After seeing them reunited Markus said, “I know it’s kind of cheesy and sentimental to say so, but it felt really good to do that for them. Their parents seemed very happy to see them.”

About High Voltage Software
High Voltage Software, Inc. (HVS) employs over 160 of the industry’s top artists, audio engineers, designers, producers, programmers, and testers making it the industry’s largest independent third-party developer. Makers of such hit games as the Hunter series and Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude, High Voltage is dedicated to continuously improving the quality of games it produces. Located in a 28,000 square foot studio in Hoffman Estates, Illinois, HVS comes complete with motion-capture studios, end-to-end original sound engineering for music, sound effects, and voiceovers, a game engine, a tools and technology department for bleeding edge software performance, world-class artists for stunning visuals, and of course veteran game designers for guaranteed fun. This makes them the industry’s one-stop shop for video game development. For more information, visit their website at www.high-voltage.com.
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