The long awaited Mac version of DUSTFORCE arrives with an in-game level editor and online level server - Now available on Mac and PC for 50% off
Company: Hitbox Team
Brisbane, Australia – May 1st, 2012 – Independent studio Hitbox Team is proud to announce an update for Dustforce via the platform Steam on PC (Windows) and now on Mac. The update includes an in-game level editor and online level sharing server, as well as new levels and a new key progression system.

The update will feature an easy-to-use in-game map editor that lets players design and build both single-player and multiplayer levels. Players can also share their creations with the community, who will be able to search, play and vote on maps at the level sharing website.

The updated game also includes a new overworld and key progression system, which allows players to unlock new doors at a more comfortable pace. "The previous system required a perfect score to unlock each new door,” says Lexie Dostal of Hitbox Team. “The new key system allows for a more accessible difficulty curve, while keeping the challenge for hardcore gamers as high as before.”

A new Dustforce trailer showcasing the level editor is available in conjunction with the game’s release. The trailer can be seen at:

Dustforce is now available on via the platform Steam for limited-time price of $4.99 for PC (Windows) and Mac (Dustforce is regularly priced at $9.99).

Dustforce can be purchased on Steam via this link:

The Dustforce level sharing server is available now, players can access new levels via this link:

The Dustforce presskit can be downloaded here. For more information about Dustforce, visit the game's site ( become a fan on Facebook or follow on Twitter.


About Dustforce
Dustforce is a 2D platformer where players are called to fight against the forces of dust and disorder. Play one of 4 acrobatic janitors and clean up the world in style. Leap and dash off walls and ceilings and deftly traverse over 50 precarious environments that vary in difficulty.
Complete for the best times online via the leader board where you can instantly watch replays of everyone's best attempts.

Dustforce earned an Honorable Mention for art in the 2012 Independent Games Festival, and also took the Grand Prize at indiePub’s Independent Developer Competition in 2010. The popular game was released January 17th on Steam for $9.99.

About Hitbox
Hitbox Team is an independent game development studio comprised for 4 people based in Brisbane, Australia.

SOURCE: Hitbox Team
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