Discover the Land of the Big Rich…
Horizon Simulation is delighted to announce the latest addition to its hanger of highly accurate, photographic scenery enhancements for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002/2004.

If you’ve already enjoyed the stunning sceneries of England & Wales and San Francisco & Sacramento, you’re going to love where we’re taking you next… It’s time to take flight once again over the Land of Opportunities and enjoy the State where everything is bigger and bolder… Land of the Big Rich!

We invite you to fly over the twin city metroplex of Dallas/Fort Worth, home to a multi-billion dollar oil industry, the world famous Dallas Cowboys, and of course JR Ewing! On top of all this, Dallas/Fort Worth plays host to the 6th busiest Airport in the world (DFW International).

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to fly high above your home town, exploring and experiencing views normally reserved for the wealthy and the feathered, now’s your chance to soar the skies above Texas and fulfil that fantasy. With this incredible scenery upgrade you can visit your home, your school, your office, or just enjoy the spectacular scenery that Dallas/Forth Worth has to offer - all in your favourite flight simulator and from the comfort of your own home!

9,300 square miles of scenery let you discover this massive Texan metropolis in breath-taking photographic detail - fly further and for longer than with any other scenery add-on of Dallas/Fort Worth!

Recreate flights all over the DFW metroplex in true photographic detail…
Using the best aerial photography and the most accurate terrain data available, VFR USA gives you unparalleled scenery quality and allows you to recreate flights all over Dallas/Fort Worth and the surrounding area in true photographic detail!

For rookie pilots, VFRUSA is so realistic that it can be used to practice the navigation techniques taught as part of a private pilots license, to become familiar with new flying areas, and to plan routes for real.

Photographic Scenery: 9,300mi?2; (24,000 km?2;) of stunning aerial photography at better than 4.8m/pixel resolution, showing every home, street, town, tree, and river in the scenery area.

Terrain Mesh: A 30m elevation model is provided which includes every lump and bump of terrain in the coverage area, adding depth to the photographic scenery and giving you recognisable terrain with minute topographic detail.

Interactive Water Bodies: Hand cut lakes and rivers provide moving, reflective water textures, and give you the chance to test your skills landing float planes in your local creek!

NEW Night Lighting!: Horizon’s new custom night light technology provides you with incredibly realistic night lighting effects to allow you to practice flying VFR even when the sun goes down, or simply to enjoy captivating scenery on your IFR flights at any time of day or night.

Buildings: To complete the picture, Horizon’s developers have repositioned hundreds of buildings, bridges and other 3D objects provided with Flight Simulator to fit with the photographic scenery and to further enhance your simulation experience with Microsoft Flight Simulator!

Minimum Specifications: FS2002/FS2004, Windows 2000/XP/ME/98, 700 MHz processor, 128 MB RAM, 32 MB graphics card, 400 MB Hard Disk space, DirectX 8.0a.

Recommended Specifications: FS2002/FS2004, Windows XP Pro, 1 GHz processor (or faster), 512 MB+ RAM, 64+ MB graphics card, 1.8GB MB Hard Disk space, DirectX 9.0a, or later.

Developed by Horizon Simulation Ltd. Made in Great Britain.
Includes aerial photography supplied by AirPhotoUSA, LLC.

©Horizon Simulation Ltd, 2005. Aerial photography Copyright ©AirPhotoUSA, LLC 2003-2005. All Rights Reserved.

Full details of the Horizon range can be accessed at

About Horizon Simulation

Horizon Simulation is a pioneering software specialist that leads the world in the development of highly detailed and accurate virtual models of the real world for use in training and gaming flight simulators.

A British company, based in London, Horizon works with the best international data suppliers to create highly innovative and immersive scenery upgrades for the world’s most advanced flight simulations. Horizon’s products give simulator pilots the same views from their virtual cockpit that real aviators enjoy in flight, providing fascinating landscapes for the casual user and a large amount of training value to private and professional pilots around the globe.

Horizon’s operations in the professional simulation industry for both civilian and defense clients assures that its consumer products are always at the forefront of the development of virtual modeling. Insight from these professional liaisons is used to conceive new software upgrades for consumer simulators, which are tested and used by some of the world’s most revered flying establishments.
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