Fuel Overdose brings strategy to Combat racing (Launch trailer)
Company: I-Friqiya
Tokyo (December 20th, 2012). At the occasion of the release of Fuel Overdose on the European Playstation®Store on December 21st, I-Friqiya is thrilled to unveil the third episode of its “Tactical-Action-Racing” series with the trailer “Tactical”.

With Fuel Overdose, the choices made before and during the race have a real impact on your chances of success. The game leaves no room for luck and the depth of the game mechanics will constantly challenge your decision-making skills.

The first decisions must be taken before the race: choose your racer after carefully checking his skills, your vehicle and your weaponry to establish a race strategy. Will you try to lead the race from the beginning to the end or stay in ambush and wait for the very last moment before outrunning your opponents? Will you go into the battle or bet on your driving skills?

But because things don’t always go as planned you’ll have to adapt your race strategy and try to turn each duel on the race track to your advantage. Identify your opportunities and weigh the pros and cons of each option before making any move. Whatever your plan is, keep in mind that each decision has consequences , that even the most obvious choices can be questioned , and that sometimes an opponent can be more useful alive than dead.

About Fuel Overdose
Developed by Jerome Coquard and Ryoh Tazaki, and produced by Skander Djerbi and Aroun Ducroux, Fuel Overdose has been created with the ambition of refreshing the combat racing games by bringing innovative game mechanics as well as a tactical approach to the genre.
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