Oil Rush (PC/Mac/Linux) is now available on Origin
Haarlem, The Netherlands - 30 March 2012 - Today, videogame publisher Iceberg Interactive is pleased to announce that the strategy game "Oil Rush", developed by Unigine, will be released this week as a digital download on Origin™, EA’s direct-to-consumer gamin platform. Oil Rush is a unique, great looking naval RTS now on offer for $ / € 15,99 on Origin.com.

Find the game in the Origin Webshop.
For more information about Oil Rush, please visit http://iceberg-interactive.com/games-mainmenu-27/459-oil-rush.html

Game Info
Oil Rush takes place in a world after a nuclear war, where ice caps have melted, raising the sea level dramatically and changing the face of the planet forever. Scattered across the globe, the last survivors live on the remaining spots of dry land and floating sea platforms. Remnant armies of the past have evolved into rival factions still fighting over power turning the whole world into a massive battlefield, the key to which is oil. Are you up to the task of winning the war that will end all wars? Find out as you play through the 16 missions of a single-player campaign that offers a variety of tactics and environments, from half-flooded jungles to cold northern seas. In these harsh and cruel times, oil is thicker than blood...

Key Features
• State-of-the-art visuals powered by the UNIGINE engine
• Dynamic and fun gameplay - furious enemies, massive battles, rampant attacks!
• 16 missions of single-player campaign offering variety of tactics and environments, from the half-flooded jungles to icebergs, slowly melting as they float in the cold northern seas.
• 15 maps for multiplayer battles, each with multiple winning strategies
• Multi-player over LAN and Internet
• Multi-platform - Windows/Mac OS X/ Linux (buy once, play everywhere)
• Mod SDK available

About Origin
Origin offers fast and safe game downloads for many of the industry’s most popular PC titles. In addition, Origin features provide a more dynamic and convenient play experience for the gamer. Beyond the fast download capability, automatic log-in and built-in customer service, Origin in-game overlay and chat features make for a more lively social experience, and cloud saves let gamers save and continue games from any computer, anytime, anywhere. Live streaming demos on Origin also allow gamers to try some games before they buy.

Don’t just play… play it cool.
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