Get ready to forge your destiny in the fires of heaven with StarDrive!
Haarlem, The Netherlands – 03 May 2012 – Videogames publisher Iceberg Interactive and American game developer Zero Sum Games are excited to announce that they have signed a worldwide publishing deal for the much anticipated 4x space RTS game for PC “StarDrive”. The deal includes all boxed retail rights and digital download rights. StarDrive is currently still in development and is aiming to be finished during the 4th quarter of 2012.

Iceberg Interactive CEO Erik Schreuder says: “Space strategy is definitely a genre that is working extremely well for us both digitally and still in retail as well. With StarDrive we are extremely happy to have signed a pure ‘4x’ game that was inspired by and follows in the footsteps of ‘golden oldies’ such as Masters of Orion, with emphasis on ship design and space combat. We realize that there is already a sound buzz ongoing for this game amongst strategy fans and look forward to contribute to its greatness.”

Zero Sum Games CEO Daniel DiCicco says: “Having raised initial capital through Kickstarter with a backer ratio of 235%, we are now very happy to have the backing of an established publisher who has extensive experience with 4x strategy games and a track record of success. We are excited to work with them on making StarDrive achieve its full potential. It goes without saying that all Kickstarter pledges will continue to be honored, and we hope that you will be as excited as we are to see how much further StarDrive will go with this new partnership.”

About StarDrive

In StarDrive, you will design your own race to lead into the stars. You will find new worlds to colonize and conquer, meet strange aliens to trade with or war upon, and implement strategies to promote trade within and growth of your interstellar empire. Expand your military forces by researching new technologies and ship designs. And, when provoked by alien warmongering or the urge to conquer, lead your customized fleets and ships into pulse-pounding battles for supremacy of the galaxy.

The heart of StarDrive is its ship design and combat engine. StarDrive takes a module-based approach to ship design, allowing the player to create custom ship designs where the composition and placement of ship modules really matters to the performance of a ship in combat. Organize your ships into fleets with a simple fleet editor, allowing custom formations and rules of engagement. Jump directly into the combat action at any time by commandeering one of your vessels and piloting it yourself with arcade-like control, or just sit back and let your commanders control the battle.

Grand in scope, yet easy to pick up and fun to play, StarDrive hearkens back to the golden age of 4x gaming. Player-designed races, espionage, diplomacy, custom ship designs, planetary invasions, and many more classic 4x features will provide players with endless replayability in a massive living universe. Challenge your friends online, or join them in co-operatively creating an empire to test against human opponents.

Game Features

Real time gameplay with a seamless zoom from a grand strategic view to a close-up action view
Control your ships with classic real time strategy commands or jump into the fray by taking direct arcade control of any ship in your empire
Choose from 8 beautifully rendered alien races or design your own to lead into the stars
Colonize new planets and build them into specialized centers of trade or industry
Design custom ships with a module-based ship design system
Create custom fleet formations and set rules of engagement in the easy to use fleet editor
Unlock new technologies to improve your military and industrial technology
Explore a procedurally-generated galaxy and discovery what treasures and terrors are hidden within

About Zero Sum Games
Zero Sum Games is based in Portland, Oregon, in the beautiful Pacific Northwest region of the United States. We are an independent studio with a small and dedicated team possessing a broad and diverse set of skills. Our mission is to deliver hardcore PC games to gamers looking for depth and challenge without sacrificing aesthetics. In design and execution, we follow the craftsman’s code: measure twice, cut once. We hope you enjoy our games.

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