Gemini Wars has gone gold and ready for pre-order!
Haarlem, The Netherlands –14 May 2012 – Today, independent videogame publisher Iceberg Interactive and developer Camel 101 announce that their mission-based space strategy game “Gemini Wars” (PC/Mac ) has gone gold and is now available for pre-order on a multitude of digital download portals and in the Iceberg webshop. The boxed edition of Gemini Wars will be released on 8 June 2012 in various European English speaking territories, while localized versions will be released in the course of June 2012 as well.

Iceberg Interactive CEO Erik Schreuder says : “Iceberg Interactive is no stranger to space strategy games, having successfully released ‘4x’ games such as Armada 2526 and Star Ruler and recently having signed up the highly anticipated upcoming games Endless Space and StarDrive. With Gemini Wars, we are bringing space strategy gamers a great looking, more structured strategy gaming experience that still has a lot of ‘4x’ elements, but is focused on a multitude of increasingly challenging missions set in the Gemini universe and a great storyline that develops during the campaign. The game features great voice acting and to top it of, it includes a cool printed comic book set in the Gemini Wars universe!”

In anticipation of the upcoming release, Iceberg Interactive and Camel 101 have released a brand new game play trailer of Gemini Wars. Get a taste of Gemini Wars and download the trailer by clicking one of the following mirror link:


For more information about the game and pre-orders, please visit

About Gemini Wars

Decades have passed since war erupted between the United Space Federation and the Alliance of Free Worlds. A bloody conflict that seemed to have reached a stalemate is now about to change, when a third faction suddenly appears. Take control of a fleet commander returned from exile, rise through the ranks of the United Space Federation forces and join an epic war across the stars.
Start with a small group of frigates, and climb your way to controlling battleships, carriers and planetary bases, in huge space battles and boarding actions. Build space stations and orbital facilities to fortify your position, build your fleet, extract minerals and research upgrades. Execute boarding actions using marine special forces, and bombard your enemies with orbital long range cannons.

Key Features

3 unique factions, with different units and strategies.
Epic single player campaign.
Ability to control fleets of starships, space stations and planets.
Research tree leading to powerful units and upgrades.
Cinematic battle camera.
Multiplayer action providing endless re-playability.
Unique game play providing a refreshing twist to the RTS genre.

About Camel 101

Camel 101 is an independent and self funded game development studio, focused on creating fun and entertaining games. We have a solid background in engine and game development – our team comes from Camel Entertainment, where we gained experience making games for PC and consoles. Our titles are available in most casual game portals, from PC to MAC, and are available in several languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Italian and Polish. We aim to reach everyone with our games, and we’re interested in making games for every possible platform.

About Iceberg Interactive

Iceberg Interactive is an independent videogame publisher founded in 2009 by an international group of games industry veterans. Iceberg operates in the vibrant European games market through retail publishing and worldwide via direct relationships with dozens of digital download portals. With a distinct focus on the genres of simulations, adventure, strategy and MMO/action games, Iceberg has successfully released digital hits in European retail, such as Killing Floor, Wings of Prey & APB Reloaded – but is also known to back indie developers in getting their games into both the retail and digital space. Read more about the company and its games at

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