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Haarlem, The Netherlands – 28 June 2012 – Today, Iceberg Interactive announces that the 3D space shooter SOL: Exodus Collector’s Edition has been shipped to retail stores in the United Kingdom. The retail version of SOL: Exodus ‘Collector’s Edition’ is available from tomorrow Friday 29 June 2012. Iceberg is also simultaneously releasing the game on a multitude of digital portals.

Sol: Exodus ‘Collector’s Edition’ will include an exclusive new game mode, a luxurious art book, the official soundtrack, a detailed manual to quench your thirst for space-knowledge and, last-but-not-least, a free STEAM key for the base game.

Accompanying this press release is the official pack shot of SOL: Exodus ‘Collector's Edition’.
You can download the pack shot here.

Review copies have become available for members of the press who would like to review the game. These can be requested via .

About SOL: Exodus ‘Collector's Edition’

SOL: Exodus is a 3D space-action game that leverages the power of the Unreal Engine™ to deliver epic space battle featuring enormous capital ships, hordes of spacecraft, and beautifully rendered planetary battlegrounds in an action packed, cinematic presentation reminiscent of TV shows and movies.

In the world of SOL, 500 years in the future, the Earth that we know and love has been ruined by centuries of war, neglect and abuse, and humanity has left it behind as they colonized the solar system. Their thirst for conflict, however, followed them. It was only once scientists realized the sun was dying that man finally learned to work together. And work together they did - to form the United Colonies of Sol (UCS) and its UCS-1 Mission; the last hope for mankind.

Key features

Take part in intense action-packed, cinematic-style events as you pilot multi-purpose tactical fighters in single player mode
Join a breakaway resistance group fighting for the survival of the human race
Battle enemy forces across famous landmarks in our Solar System, from the rings of Saturn to Pluto, Neptune and Titan
Supercharge your spacecraft with a complement of weapons including the all-powerful MAG cannon
Employ a unique hacking technique to breach and take over the systems of massive warships
Spot the nods towards your favorite TV shows and movies
Enjoy gameplay staples of the genre such as dogfighting, engaging giant capital ships, protecting and rescuing friendlies
SOL: Exodus is the very first game to utilize the RealD™ 3D technology, literally bringing another dimension to the space combat experience.

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What the press says about SOL: Exodus

It's a superlative amount of content and refinement compared to many so-called "triple-A" productions that sell for six times that amount. Anyone looking for a good space dogfight should feel obliged to give it a try. (Destructoid – 80%)
A solid, if bite-sized, space combat game that revitalizes a defunct genre with excellent flight combat... (The Escapist – 80%)
SOL: Exodus is a triumph for indie games everywhere, and is living proof that Space Combat games belong in today's world. (MMGN – 80%)

About Seamless Entertainment

Seamless Entertainment, Inc. (SEI) is an independent game developer located in Austin, TX. A wholly-owned subsidiary of Black Lantern Holdings, Inc., SEI is committed to developing engaging, high-quality games for consoles and PC. Formed in 2008, the studio has steadily built its experience and reputation by delivering high quality products to spec for publishers such as Tecmo, Activision, and WB Games, and has just completed its first original IP, SOL: Exodus.

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