Bugdom 2 Crawls Into Compusa and Gamestop
Little Elm, Texas – April 4, 2005 – Ideas From the Deep (IFD), a leading provider of family friendly video games, today announced that Bugdom 2 is available at major software stores across the country. Bugdom 2 is an entertaining title for kids which has been included on millions of Mac computers in both classrooms and homes. Now kids have the ability to bring home their favorite game from school with its availability on PC. With its strong brand, large fan base and engrossing game play Bugdom 2 is a sure-fire hit that will have kids cheering and retailers around the nation smiling.

“Bugdom 2 is a favorite among younger gamers and always one of our most requested titles,” said Lane Roathe, CEO of Ideas From the Deep. “We wanted to let parents bring their children a game they know they have enjoyed and a game which is safe for younger players. Kids have loved this game at school and now they can finally bring it home.”

The game follows our hero Skip as visits his family on the far side of the Bugdom. When a Bully Bee steels his knapsack he is forced to track down the Bee and get his belongings back. Sam the Snail and Sally the Chipmunk helps Skip on his adventure as he runs, jumps, flies, swims and solves puzzles. The game is presented in full 3D with state-of-the-art graphics, sound and support for red-and-blue 3-D glasses

Bugdom 2 is available online from IFD’s own website or at CompUSA and Gamestop stores around the nation. Bugdom 2 carries an MSRP of $29.95.

About Ideas From the Deep (IFD)
Founded in 1989 by Lane Roathe and John Romero and based in Texas, Ideas From the Deep (IFD) is a leading developer of family oriented action titles committed to bringing exciting entertainment to both kids and young adults. IFD develops software for a variety of platforms and spans multiple genres with tiles including Bugdom 2, Otto Matic and Nanosaur 2. IFD provides a large range of development services including design, programming and artwork and continues its long support of open source with work on projects like HexEdit and OpenPlay. To learn more about IFD please visit our website at www.ifd.com.
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