New Cyanide Title Pro Cycling Manager Will Feature SpeedTreeRTâ„¢
Company: IDV
COLUMBIA, SC – Cyanide Studio, the Paris-based developer of Chaos League and the Cycling Manager and Pro Rugby Manager series, has licensed SpeedTreeRT™ for use in Pro Cycling Manager, a new title due for release within a year.

"Integrating Speedtree in our production pipeline has turned out to be a very slick experience,” says Patrick Pligersdorffer, CEO of Cyanide “On the production side, SpeedCAD gives a robust framework for the tree creation and editing. The tool also exposes many nice features, such as self shadow map creation, texture packing and billboards generation that literally save days for artists. And you get level of details and infinite variations for free!”

“On the coding side, the API, cleanly documented, is simple yet efficient. The samples are very instructive and enable you to integrate SpeedTree in a matter of hours in your game for instant delight,” Mr. Pligersdorffer added. “Producing efficient and realistic results, SpeedTree saves time and money."

Cyanide Studio is a French videogames developer created in 2000 and based in Paris, France. The company has released a number of outdoor-themed titles for the PC, including Chaos League, four releases in the Cycling Manager series, Pro Rugby Manager, and Horse Racing Manager.

SpeedTreeRT delivers low-polygon, highly realistic trees and plants, with adjustable wind effects, seamless LOD transitions, and an included library of hundreds of tree, plant and marine models from more than 130 core species. SpeedTreeRT includes SpeedTreeCAD, a Windows
application used to create and edit animated trees in real-time.

Interactive Data Visualization, Inc. (IDV), develops software products with a focus on realtime three dimensional applications for the game development, visual simulation, engineering visualization, and animation industries. IDV, a privately held corporation, was founded in 1999 in Columbia, South Carolina. For more information about IDV, visit
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