Webzen Chooses SpeedTreeRTâ„¢ For Two New Titles
Company: IDV
COLUMBIA, SC – Webzen, a Korean-based leader in online game development and distribution, has licensed SpeedTreeRT for two new online titles to be published by 2006.

Developer of MU, a 3D multiplayer online role-playing game popular in Korea and China, Webzen chose SpeedTree for its realism, beauty and ease of use.

“SpeedTree will help us to build the kind of next generation worlds players expect from us,” said Roid Hong, Senior Producer at Webzen. “Beauty and realism will be essential to the games that are coming soon, and SpeedTree’s windblown, photo-real trees will add a great deal to the environments we create.”

Founded in 2000 and based in Seoul, Korea, Webzen has become a leader in the MMOG market, and has developed some of the world’s top online game and client/server technologies. Webzen’s latest title, MU, has over 56 million users and a half million concurrent users from the Asian market alone. In January of this year, Webzen announced its entry into the U.S. games market with a new subsidiary, Webzen America, based in Los Angeles.

SpeedTreeRT delivers low-polygon, highly realistic trees and plants, with adjustable wind effects, seamless LOD transitions, and an included library of hundreds of tree, plant and marine models from more than 130 core species. SpeedTreeRT includes SpeedTreeCAD, a Windows application used to create and edit animated trees in real-time.

Interactive Data Visualization, Inc. (IDV), develops software products with a focus on realtime three dimensional applications for the game development, visual simulation, engineering visualization, and animation industries. IDV, a privately held corporation, was founded in 1999 in
Columbia, South Carolina. For more information about IDV, visit www.idvinc.com.
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