Indie Game MonstaFish out now for PC
Berlin, November 14, 2013 – The international operating multiplatform publisher Immanitas Entertainment announces today the global release for the PC-action-puzzler MonstaFish. The Indie Game has been developed by UK-based team IronSun Studios and is available at all major digital distribution platforms.

MonstaFish is a twitch-based, action-puzzle game featuring a series of compelling modes with more bite than a toxic MonstaFish. It features mouth-watering, comic book-style graphics, and a commissioned soundtrack that will have players tapping both finger and foot to the beat of the gameplay.

The main task of the game is simple but challenging: Keep the water clean of polluting mutant MonstaFish in four different game modes, where players can use various methods to clear the pool.

In “Fish Hook” mode, lower the hook down to rescue the goldfish, then manoeuvre it back up to the boat at the top, all while watching the clock run down and avoiding the traffic of MonstaFish. As the game gets progressively harder, there will be more fish, as well as swinging toxic barrels to avoid.
"Fish Hunt" is where you have to be as accurate as a sharpshooter by dragging the two static crosshairs to extinguish the MonstaFish. While on the screen, they will pollute the water bringing your meter up. When this fills, the game will end. You also have limited shots, so don’t shoot without aiming.
“Time Attack” mode is where it’s you and your trigger finger against hordes of fish and the clock! MonstaFish come from both directions at once, in ever-increasing waves, blast them as fast as you can to stop them in their tracks. Achieve multipliers by hitting bunches of fish in one tap for the ultimate score.
Finally there is "MonstaFish" mode itself, where your local friendly super-Octopus releases bubbles that you have to use to deflate the evolved MonstaFish that lurk in these waters. Combine bubbles to increase their strength, add a colour to make them super effective against the same-coloured fish, or make several to chain them together and create a hyper bubble to increase the cleaning carnage. If you are too slow, your pollution meter goes up and up until – Game Over!


Addictive gameplay: Keep the water clean of polluting mutant MonstaFish!
Lovely comic book-style graphics and cool soundtrack
Contend with a multitude of mutant fish with unique abilities.
4 different game modes to master
Unbeatable price

MonstaFish is now available on all major download platforms like GamersGate (, Green Man Gaming (, WildTangentGames ( or Amazon ( for 3,99 EUR / 3.99 USD / 2,99 GBP.


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