IncaGold Obtains Publishing Rights to Will of Steel
Company: IncaGold
Douglas, Isle of Man (October 22, 2004) – IncaGold, a leader in the interactive entertainment and casual games market, today announced that it has signed international publishing rights to the highly anticipated new RTS game title "Will of Steel".

In the game, developed by talented Gameyus Interactive of Serbia and Montenegro, the player becomes the leader of an elite USMC battalion, fighting enemies in both Afghanistan and Iraq. "This game has some of the most realistic fighting terrain in our industry, exciting game play and awesome graphics," said Daniel Aurell, Director at IncaGold, responsible for title acquisition.

As team leader, you control well over 100 different types of military units, and this realistic real time strategy game also offers full voice control features which allow easier control in all types of weather conditions and battles. The patented voice control system boasts incredibly accurate voice recognition while at the same time being very easy to use.

"I hope that gamers everywhere will enjoy this new way to play the game, we hope we managed to make the strategy elements little less tedious and much more fun," said Gameyus' Chief Operating Officer Uros Rogulja. "Above all, we have tried our best to make the player feel as if he was a real-life military commander."

The product is being published in North America by TriSynergy and in Europe and Asia by GMX Media, with IncaGold now handling the licensing rights to this title in all remaining territories. Rogulja adds "We are delighted to be able to add IncaGold to the team that will make Will of Steel a success across the world."

About IncaGold
IncaGold is a worldwide leader in the development, licensing and publishing of casual gaming entertainment and edutainment software for the PC. Founded in 1996, IncaGold focuses on high quality casual products sold through retail, non-traditional outlets as well as OEM and promotional bundling.
As an international licensing and development company, IncaGold offers a global information distribution network among its development studios, enabling their teams to create unique mass-market products utilizing the latest game development technologies. Headquartered in the Isle of Man, IncaGold also operates sales and development offices in Brazil and Switzerland.

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