IncaGold Present the First His and Hers Covers
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Douglas, Isle of Man – 27th January 2006 - IncaGold, the fast-growing publisher of PC leisure/entertainment games and mobile phone content, is pleased to announce the imminent release of "Crazy MiniGolf" in its mass-market PC range that will delight both the male and female gaming public.

In the current politically correct climate, together with a recent survey that shows women gamers is one of the fastest growing sectors, IncaGold was eager to ensure that female gamers were not put off buying a game through the industries sometimes male-orientated approach via box imagery. But at the same time, IncaGold wanted both and women to get a sexy box of their choice, so the inviting his and hers covers will appeal to both sexes!

The boxes have the same order code and barcode. "Crazy MiniGolf" will be delivered to retail in both his and hers covers in equal amounts. The game was developed by Newcastle-based Britsoft developer Flair for the Isle of Man-based publisher.

"Crazy MiniGolf" encapsulates the fun, excitement, and simplicity that make crazy golf such a cool leisure experience for all the family, both young and old, which is brought to life on your computer screen. The game offers quirky courses, with stylish themes, overthetop presentation to ensure you really need to be skilful, plus a touch of luck too, to get a low score which makes for real competitive rivalry between the players.

Features include four colourful themed courses, practise mode and a simple control interface.

"Crazy MiniGolf" is one of a number of new titles from the expanding range of IncaGold mass-market software that will have impulse buyers wanting more.

About IncaGold plc

IncaGold plc (IGD.L) IncaGold plc (IGD.L) is a leading world-wide publisher of mass-market games and entertainment content. IncaGold publishes products online, on PC CDROM, on in-flight entertainment systems, on public entertainment systems and on mobile phones. IncaGold has over 1000 different titles in its current line up. Established in 1996, IncaGold plc is based in the Isle of Man, British Isles.

IncaGold plc is a publicly traded company on the AIM market of the London Stock Exchange under symbol IGD.L
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