Incagold Presents Sky Aces - Take to the Sky
Company: IncaGold
IncaGold, the fast-growing publisher of PC leisure/entertainment games and mobile phone content, is pleased to announce the imminent UK release of "Sky Aces" in its mass-market PC range.

SKY ACES - A WWI combat flight is an action simulator with superb 3D graphics, realistic aircraft models and addictive gameplay. Get embroiled in spectacular mid air fights whilst defending each front line. Dangerous missions include destroying zeppelins and an assortment of ground targets. Sky Aces includes two individual campaigns with a total of 52 missions and a choice of 20 realistic aircraft, along with varied weather conditions, plus a lot more.

The aircraft on offer include the Ansaldo A1, Armstrong FK8, Shuckert DIII, Newport 11, Newport 27, Newport 28, RAF SE5, Spad SX II, Spad SX III, Spad VII, Albatros DII, Albatros DIII, Albatros D5a, Aviatic D1, Fokker DV 1, Fokker Drl, Halberstadt DII, Junkers D1, Pfalz DIII and Hanriot HD1, all with their own nuances and flight styles.

The full feature list offers varied weather conditions and night and day sorties together with an ambient soundtrack and sound-effects. With simple and intuitive interface and controls, along with 'quick game' mode for shoot-em up fans, both action and sim gamers alike will find something to please.

Test your skills and face some of the deadliest knights of the skies including the infamous Manfred von Richthofen and his squadron.

February Release

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