Incagold Presents - Mars to Earth
Company: IncaGold
IncaGold, the fast-growing publisher of PC leisure/entertainment games and mobile phone content is pleased to announce the March released of "Mars to Earth" as part of IncaGold's mass-market PC Range in the UK, Ireland, Channel Islands and Isle of Man.

They are green, sort of ugly and they live on Mars but you'll soon see for yourself. This Alien is heading for Earth after finding a fully equipped spaceship and believes it should be returned to its rightful owners!

Attacked by the WUC (World UFO Control), who did not know that this two-legged Martian, called Winguel, was visiting Earth for honourable reasons, ends with 'his' borrowed craft crash landing and in pieces. The only way for his safe return home is to find and retrieve parts of the ship! Unfortunately since the WUC agents are guarding these parts and have installed several traps to catch Winguel, he will need some human help. This is where you can assist by guiding and supporting Winguel through a series of puzzle solving tasks to recover ship parts.

A delightful collection of strategic and fun styled puzzle teasers are presented. Guide Winguel underwater to find one of the many ship parts and extra goodies but watch out for the mines, giant undersea venus fly traps and bombs.

Enter the large mansion and traverse a huge maze but getting where you want and collecting items becomes fraught with dangers including laser beams, blocked paths and enemy attacks.

A dazzling colour brick sub game offers some really mind blowing dexterity. You have to be fast to clear the screen of coloured blocks to get your reward. It looks easy but as the levels get faster you really need to be on the button!

Features include:

A compendium of logical and clever strategic puzzles

Endearing storyline

Extra activities including printing, colouring and creation of in game ideas

Cartoon stylized presentation

Lots of in-game surprises

A fun-packed and challenging game for the whole family with a feast of inventive games all encased in one big story!

Out of this world - more fun than you could ever imagine.

"Mars to Earth" 7+ rating will be published by IncaGold and distributed by Pinnacle in March 2006
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