Award-winning Auditorium HD available across Europe through PlayStation Network
Company: indiePub
CINCINNATI, OHIO (USA) – JANUARY 9, 2013 – Independent game publisher and developer, indiePub Entertainment, Inc. (US OTC: IPUB), is delighted to announce its award-winning music puzzle game, Auditorium HD, is now available in Europe through the PlayStation Network.

In Auditorium HD you guide a stream of light and sound called the Flow to create orchestral and visual harmony. It’s an acoustic journey through 150 levels guided by creative puzzles and layers of original, enchanting audio. Each level can be solved multiple ways, offering nearly unlimited replayability.

The Flow of light and sound must be strategically guided, bent and redirected into Audio Containers where it is transformed into captivating melodies.

Auditorium HD also supports the PlayStation Move Controller so you can manipulate the flow like a magical conductor.

Auditorium HD’s features include:

Auditorium Classic Mode: Play the original playlist consisting of 72 levels.
Auditorium Modern Mode: Play 78 additional levels available only through the PSN version.
PlayStation Move Support: Direct the Flow using the PlayStation Move controller.
Stereoscopic 3D: Enjoy a whole new dimension to the game on your 3D TV.
Multi-Language Support: Available in English, French, Italian, German and Spanish.

Created by indie developers Cipher Prime, the original Auditorium Flash game won Grand Prize in indiePub’s first indie game contest in 2009. It has since been released in the US for PSP and PSN, receiving critical acclaim from numerous publications.

Auditorium HD is rated “3” (suitable for all age groups) by PEGI and is available via PlayStation Network. Check your region’s PlayStation Network for the exact price.


About indiePub Entertainment, Inc.
indiePub ( is a leader in promoting independent video games and their developers. indiePub has engaged indie game developers and gamers by providing resources to collaborate and create innovative games as well as sponsoring competitions including the Independent Propeller Awards. indiePub is a developer, publisher and distributor of independently created video games for various platforms including game consoles, handheld game systems, mobile devices and tablets. indiePub's elite indie game lineup includes Kona's Crate, Vessel, Storm, Capsized+, Auditorium HD and several yet-to-be announced games.

About Cipher Prime
Cipher Prime is an award-winning creative agency from Philadelphia, PA (USA), specializing in game development. They are committed to empowering other developers by sharing business knowledge and seek to help enrich the independent developer community. Cipher Prime previously released Auditorium with indiePub.

SOURCE: indiePub
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