Closed Beta Drags-on
Company: Infernum
Berlin, 11 April 2013: Infernum is glad to announce the second phase of the Closed Beta testing for Dragonís Prophet will begin tomorrow on the 12th of April. The doors of Auratia will open for all members of the Foundersí Club as soon as the update goes live. A website designed specifically for the European Closed Beta experience can now be found at:

This critical next step in Dragonís Prophetís ongoing development will see a client update with five expansive areas and their instances awaiting the growing Closed Beta community.

Impressive landscapes inhabited by new dragonsare awaiting testers in the latest update.
New functionality and game mechanics will also arrive tomorrow, which will be placed under heavy scrutiny by veteran MMO players whoíve been working closely alongside Infernumís QA department to help bring Dragonís Prophet closer to release. Social Rewards will grant bonuses for players who want to collaborate together, Achievements System have arrived and the Crafting System has undergone a complete revamp.

During the first phase of Closed Beta, RENA, Runewakerís proprietary game engine has raised questions from testers whoíve been wondering how the technology works. The graphics engine utilises a combination of normal and gloss mapping coupled with a deferred rendering technology, ensuring the gameís environment remains as immersive and realistic as possible with optimal performance. Shading and lighting are also part of the experience, thanks to the use of motion blur, advanced anti-aliasing technologies (such as FXAA and TAA) and full-screen horizon-based ambient occlusion. Dragonís Prophet utilises the DirectX 10 technology for performance reasons, and will integrate the strongest aspects of DirectX 11 as soon as it is released.

The plot thickens, the development journey continues!

More information can be found on the official website:

About Dragonís Prophet:
Dragonís Prophet is a new online role-playing Game which features all virtues of a classic MMORPG and ďevolutionizesĒ them. Players will experience immense dragon features and an epic story in a modern fantasy world featuring next-gen elements such as action-based combat, deep character development and the extensive cross-server Frontier PvP system. Dragonís Prophet is being developed by Runewaker Entertainment, known for their successful blockbuster MMO Runes of Magic. In 2013, Infernum will publish Dragonís Prophet in Europe, together with co-publisher Deep Silver.

Title: Dragonís Prophet
Genre: Fantasy MMORPG Platform: PC
Publisher: Infernum Productions Developer: Runewaker Entertainment
Release: Q2 - 2013 Closed Beta: 19th of March 2013
USK: Pending PEGI: Pending
Languages: German, English, French Ė further languages planned Website:

About Runewaker Entertainment
Runewaker Entertainment was founded in August of 2004. With the capability to develop in-house engines, Runewaker is one of the leading Taiwanese entertainment software developers. All of the teamís founding members are industry veterans who share the same dream and vision. At the moment, Runewaker employs over highly skilled programmers, designers and artists and is still expanding. All members of the Runewaker team are passionate and well-versed in different game genres. Equipped with the most advanced artistic style and innovative development technology, the company aims to create games that are enjoyable for a wide range of audiences. In addition to having a group of talented and dedicated in-house staff, Runewaker also actively collaborate with leading publishers to create games that will set new standards for the industry.

About Infernum
Infernum Productions is an international publisher and developer of online games, based in Berlin. The company was founded in the summer of 2011 by former Frogster executives and focuses on high-quality free-to-play titles. Dragonís Prophet is the second title licensed by the Berlin startup. The game now joins Infernumís debut title, Brick-Force, which has already exceeded 1.5 million registered players. For further information please visit:

About Deep Silver
Deep Silver develops and distributes interactive games for all platforms. The Deep Silver label means to captivate all gamers who have a passion for thrilling gameplay in exciting game worlds. Deep Silver works with its partners to achieve a maximum of success while maintaining the highest possible quality, always focusing on what the customer desires. Deep Silver has published more than 200 games since 2003, including own brands like the critically acclaimed zombie action franchise Dead Island, action role-playing games from the Sacred world, successful adventures such as the Secret Files series and the role-playing realms of Risen. Upcoming highlights from Deep Silver include the next title in the Saints Row franchise, Sacred 3, Dead Island Riptide and Metro Last Light. Deep Silver also owns the development studio Volition based in Champaign, IL, USA. For more information please visit