MechWarrior Tactics Emerges from the Mech Bay: Get All-Access Pass to Development Enhancements and Updates
MONTREAL -- JULY 30, 2013 – MechWarrior Tactics moves closer to its long-awaited open beta phase, thanks to developer Blue Lizard, who has taken the development reigns for the game. In a video released today from Infinite Game Publishing, fans can get a close look at the game’s graphical enhancements and cleaner UI for the online browser-based tactical strategy game. Currently in Closed beta, MechWarrior Tactics is poised for Open Beta later this year. Fans that purchase a Founder’s pack ( can get instant Beta access and help the developers shape the game while securing exclusive perks. MechWarrior Tactics was announced last year as the free, online version of the beloved and classic table top collectible card game BattleTech®. A stress-test is planned for mid-August, to allow the team to test the near-final server environments.

“We have an incredible core fan base that’s been with MechWarrior Tactics since early Alpha. These fans have helped us shape the game into a true-to-history BattleTech experience,” said Kelly Zmak, long-time BattleTech fan and president of Infinite Game Publishing. “The early stages of development built the foundation for what we needed to see from the gameplay and now, working with Blue Lizard, we’re confident that the final stages of development will exceed our expectations and deliver a world-class BattleTech-style game that fans around the world can play and enjoy.”

MechWarrior Tactics is the latest evolution of turn-based strategy blending tactical gameplay, deep collectability and unique online features as you command numerous ’Mechs against an online opponent towards victory. MechWarrior Tactics allows players the freedom to collect and purchase combat and cosmetic resources to outfit each ‘Mech and assemble a Lance of four ‘Mechs. Master each ‘Mech Chassis, perfect insidious tactical maneuvers and develop endless new configurations in your Mech Bay. Assemble a Lance for the ages and keep one step ahead of both your friends and enemies.

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Founded in 2008 by industry veterans, Blue Lizard is the leading developer studio in South America and a rapidly expanding office in Montreal, Quebec. Harnessing proven talent in the online and browser based games space, Blue Lizard has partnered with Canadian-based Infinite Game Publishing to deliver to market MechWarrior Tactics, a browser-based online strategy game set in the BattleTech® universe. More information about Blue Lizard can be found at

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