Chaos Online: Alpha Testing Announcement and Instructions
We are glad to announce that, the Alpha testing of Chaos Online will start on August 1st, 2008. During the Alpha testing period, if there are no big mistakes/bugs there will be No Server Wipe.

Chaos Online is a free to play Sci-Fi MMORPG where modern technology & weaponry melds with Ancient Myth and Martial Arts. Since our purpose is to let players participate in developing a MMORPG, and we have decided No Server Wipe when alpha testing ends, so there are several instructions in alpha testing period.

1. There are four stages before official launch of Chaos Online: Alpha test, closed beta, open beta and official launch. For each stage, we will recruit different numbers of warriors to participate the testing.

2. We welcome all of MMORPG players to come and participate in Alpha testing. The following players are preferred:

a. You have helped other games in alpha testing period and you know the basic procedure of alpha testing.
b. You know how to use screen capture software; how to use bug report system.
c. You are a guild leader or you run a net cafe or you have played MMORPG for over 3 years.
d. You are a game forum mod; you used to be a game GM for other MMORPG.
e. You are a game editor and you have reviewed other games fairly and your articles have been published in major game sites. Or you have our own game blog/sites.
f. You like games and you have enough time; you always think out of the box; you want to become a member of this industry one day!
g. You have already added Chaos Online as a friend in
h. You are a member of

3. In Alpha test stage, the level cap will be limited to level 40 for all characters.

4. If your suggestion is accepted by our developers, you will have a chance to become the VIP player of Chaos Online forever.

5. We encourage players to find out as many bugs as possible. The top bug finders will be rewarded as VIP players of Chaos Online during whole testing period.

We are delighted to do this because we will see many true MMORPG fans and potential co-workers as they come out of the wood work to help and inspire us to build this one of a kind fantasy world for everyone. Someone says we are preposterous because itís a risk to keep all game data in alpha stages; but we are very dedicated because we will work harder to bring the world the ultimate MMORPG ever.