Bounty Hounds Online: Open Beta begins… now!
Company: InnoGames
Hamburg, August 2, 2011. Today, InnoGames announced the Open Beta launch of its new Sci-Fi MMORPG, Bounty Hounds Online (BHO). Now, players can register on and download the client game to conquer the alien world of Clear Sky Planet. The participants of BHO’s Closed Beta will be able to continue their accounts.

“The feedback from the Closed Beta was really helpful,” said InnoGames Managing Director Michael Zillmer, “and the players can look forward to some fresh features. The skill trees of each class have been revised and expanded to include additional abilities, and improvements have been made in graphics and sound quality. Of course, we have also implemented a host of new game content, such as items, equipment and missions.” Zillmer went on to mention that work on the first major game expansion has already begun.

Set in the 25th century, the game sends players as mercenaries to Clear Sky Planet, mankind’s retreat after a huge galactic war against extraterrestrial units. As a member of one of four mercenary factions, the mission is to keep the fragile peace. In order to enter the battlefield, players choose one of five unique mercenary classes within these factions to obtain specific skills and weapons.

At the end of 2010, InnoGames purchased the license for BHO Europe from Taiwanese developer XPEC Entertainment. Bounty Hounds already became a notable success on PlayStation Portable. Currently the Open Beta is in English, with German and French language versions soon to follow. Further information about the game is available at