Get a Little Crazy With Psychoballs!
Nov 1st, 2005 - (Germany) - Intermediaware is pleased to announce that Psychoballs ( is now available from their website. Psychoballs is a fast and frantic mind bending experience where you must attempt to match a never ending stream of balls as they wind their way through a series of tubes by controlling spinning switches. Victory is a race against the clock to clear each switch of the balls.

Maneuver a series of switches in each level to direct the incoming balls where they are needed most. Control the switches and the directional flow of each ball to form sets of similar colors. Simple and elegant, Psychoballs will require a logical approach with the occasional need of some fancy mouse-work. Psychoballs is family oriented fun that is easy for everyone to learn and will push the limits of mind.

Dive into over fifty levels of fun and make use of special items and effects that will reward your success. The jazzy music keeps ears happy while the 3D visual effects will be a treat to the eyes.

Psychoballs comes with a free demo to show how much fun and excitement can be gained from a little crazy ball. The demo is available at the Intermediaware websites in both English and German.


About Intermediaware
Intermediaware was founded in 2004 by Jochen Heizmann and Emmanuel Henné with the aim to create games that are fun to play. Jochen has over 10 years of experience in game development. He started on the early 90s with developing games for Amiga and is also an education as digital media designer. Emmanuel has over 10 years experience in game development and graphics design for many commercial games.
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