Tales of Pirates: Brand New Marriage System Soon Open
In the spotlight right now is the highly expected Marriage System in Tales of Pirates (http://top.igg.com). This brand new system has been much talked and is finally to be launched within next week! Yes, from now TOP players may get married in game and so enjoy special spouse functions designed only for couples. Worth noting is that included in the newest update, many improvements are actually based on players’ own ideas and suggestions. Now let’s take a quick glance at the new Wedding Ceremony IGG has brought to their players.

Following marriage traditions in most western cultures, TOP Marriage System features a romantic wedding ceremony in the luxurious church, as well as celebrations with fireworks and wedding gifts. As what people do in real life, o get married in game also require certain procedures. After whatever it takes to courtship and proposal, players in love must register, draw their wedding certificate and then hold the wedding ceremony.

First of all, lovers should team up and find the Priest (NPC) at the church, then apply to marry. Only those who wear the Lovers’ Rings and have enough marriage funds will receive approval. When the Priest has blessed the union, the system will announce the players’ wedding ceremony to everyone in game. The Bride and Groom’s friends can attend the wedding ceremony, and appreciate the Bride and Groom’s elegant wedding dresses. The new couple will then have their Lovers’ Rings bound by the Priest, which will activate the Wild Dragon Chase Function exclusively on the new couple. There are many other lovely wedding items for the celebration, including Fireworks, balloons, and I LOVE U heart shapes, etc. At last, the system will release the marriage notice signal the end of the ceremony.

The church can hold only one wedding ceremony at one time. For those players planning to take the plunge, please remember that there is only one church in TOP but lots of couples looking to exchange vows. To reserve the church for use in your wedding, you should visit the TOP auction and bid for the Church Use Right. The auction winners are eligible to hold their wedding ceremony at a designated time and be awarded with wedding invitations. Those that lose out in the bidding will have to wait for another bid.

For more information about the romantic system, please visit http://top.igg.com.
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