Tales of Pirates: Pirate Club System Upgrading
The folks at Tales of Pirates (http://top.igg.com) are announcing that they have launched their newly updated Pirate Club! The update improves the previous Pirate Club System by making it more convenient for veteran players providing help, and for the newbie players getting helped.

Compared to the previous version, the new version details Club ranking and offers every player from every level and ranks far more choices, Preliminary, Medium and Advanced. Among these different levels there are some distinctions. Each level has two ranks, the upper ranks composed of veteran players looking to help, and the lower ranks made up of lower level players looking for help. Upper rank players will be able to form their own teams as the Team Captain, or Vice-Captain.

Team Leaders – Level 45 - 54
Team Members – Below Level 45
Team Leaders – Level 55 - 64
Team Members –Level 46 - 55
Team Leaders – Level 65+
Team Members – Below Level 56 - 65

The TOP officials have prepared huge rewards for players of all levels who participate in the Pirate Club, like tons of credits, the Captain’s Kitbag (all levels), and much more! Also the Advanced’ s Captains and Vice-Captains will have the chance to win the rare Captain Necklace which increases a character’s STR by 1 and Max HP by 80. At the same time, the officials will select ten winning clubs from among all the servers and one winning club from each server, and grant these winning clubs with different rewards.

These huge rewards are being offered so to encourage players helping the Pirate Club grow, because it can only grow with player participation. Also, watch for the Pirate Club to be featured much more prominently than before as the TOP team attempts to make it a central part of their effort to create a more passionate gaming community for all players to enjoy!

For more details about the Pirate Club, please check here: http://event.igg.com/top/event/pirate_club/index.php
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