Zu Online: Rise of the Dragon Lord – Part 1
Tens of thousands of years ago, the North was a place of peace, revered by immortal warriors for the clarity of mind they felt while in deep meditation here. Unbeknownst to them, or anyone save for a lithe, graceful white dragon living deep within the mountains, something terrible was born. The white dragon died shortly after laying the luminescent egg, not caring, and never knowing, that she had changed the course of history. A dragon as graceful and powerful as any every born pushed its way out of the shell and into the dark of the cave. There it found the body of its mother, and without hesitation, devoured her. He was hungry, and seemed never to be able to satisfy his hunger. As the years passed, he grew in strength and power. Learning all the skills a dragon needed to live, it wasn’t long before he was raiding farms and villages for livestock and the occasional farmhand. While the climate of the area was crisp, and could produce deep snow in the winter, the valley between the tall peaks of the Zu range that bordered the northern sea was not cold. However, after generations of rumors and talk, farmers began noticing that change was sweeping the valley, with winters lasting much longer and storms from the sea and the mountains raging with ever growing ferocity. It was on one such night that an immortal known as Master Mind was traveling through and heard the stories of the great white beast. He knew about the history or the dragons, and knew, as the farmers could never know, that the changes in weather were connected to the beast. As the white monster grew in power, the vast magic dwelling within him forced changes on the environment. The night Master Mind chose to confront the beast was portentous. Thunder rolled in off the mountains and swept in from the sea with a force that shattered windows and sent children screaming. Rain fell in sheets, buffeted by the fierce wind. Undeterred, Master Mind continued to climb. Rivers of water streamed around his feet as he made his way higher. Finally, as he looked down at the valley below, he saw the wings of the great beast moving as it dipped in and out of the cloud banks. Coming to rest miles away on a distant peak, it turned its giant head and seemed to lock eyes with the immortal. Sensing a powerful challenge it had never encountered before, it reared back and screamed; high pitched and terrifying, it was unlike anything Master Mind had encountered before. Although he could not know it at the time, this was the first sign that this was no ordinary beast. The great dragon didn't know it either, but this was no ordinary immortal.

Tightening its claws and digging deep gashes into the mountain top, the beast leapt into the air, climbing above the foul weather. Master Mind watched from above the tree line, then crouched, drew his sword, and shot straight into the air. He came bursting through the clouds and scanned the horizon, where was that hulking monster? Then, he looked down just in time; giant gaping jaws were opened wide below him, and teeth long as swords gleamed like bleached bones in the moonlight. Master Mind managed to roll out of the way and shot back down into the storm. Coming out of the bottom of the clouds he was quickly drenched by the heavy rain. Robes whipping around him he had again lost the cunning monster. Then he knew. Looking up he was again greeted by jaws opened wide enough to swallow him whole, but this time he was ready. Rolling to one side his magical blade flashed up with the force of 10 men, cutting deep into the dragons shoulder, all the way back to the wing joint. The dragon, once in a controlled graceful dive, now suddenly began spinning awkwardly towards the ground, far below. Its blood spattered the village like rain, blanketing the valley in crimson. Master Mind watched as the dragon managed to avoid crashing, but it quickly disappeared between the peaks at the other end of the valley.

When Master Mind returned to the village, he did not know that his destiny was now set, he had but to walk the path that was already laid out. The villagers rejoiced with a feast of such extravagance it would be remembered in legend and song, for a time. Soon each returned to their lives. Master Mind journeyed back to his temple fortress, and the villagers to their fields.

The ice came quickly. The soil stained crimson by the dragon’s blood would yield no crops. Nothing would grow after that fateful day the dragon first tasted defeat. Try as they might, no amount of work would yield even a blade of grass. Soon the valley was a barren wasteland, uninhabitable, unlivable. After decades of long winters, the ice that annually crept in from the sea and retreated with the summer heat, decided summer wasn’t unbearable after all and stuck around until the cold returned. Soon the ice grew in size, slithering in from the northern sea and heading south into every part of the valley, swallowing land that had supported life for millennia. Creeping through the mountain passes it made its way south to the doorstep of Master Minds temple fortress. As years passed, it threatened to do what no man or immortal had ever been able to do – force Master Mind and the Sun Warrior clan from their home. Sensing defeat, and something else he was as yet unaware of, Master Mind conceded and moved the clan south to Wan Mountain. However, he never forgot the bitter feeling when he stepped out the impenetrable gates for the last time. Unknown to anyone below, two dark eyes watched Master Mind leave from the peak of the tallest mountain in the range, and a grin of triumph flashed across the leathery skin of its long snout. The young impetuous beast had grown up, learned that brute force had its uses, but a cunning plan often yielded far more satisfying results. The Dragon Lord was born…

The new version of Zu Online is expected to release in two months and the Dragon Lord will become the most difficult BOSS available to fight in Zu Online. Requiring large groups of high level players, this event is available once each day for the bravest immortals in Zu Online.

Fall of the Dragon Lord – Part 2, will be available exclusively on the official Zu Online website, so stay tuned.

For more details of the Dragon Lord, please visit http://zu.igg.com/news/newscon.php?aid=1881
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