Galaxy Online: Patch Note 0.030
Galaxy Online ( has a new update ready for players. Some of the new features include, battle losses modifications, error and bug fixes and a whole batch of items.

The new content is a mix of battle tech and technology for assisting with development - the Titanium Alloy Drill, Gas Refiner, Cloning Lab, Purple Science Matrix, Red Arc Machine Arm and much more are all waiting to be put to use in constructing a powerful Galactic Empire.

Another big part of the update is the introduction of the Spacedock, which should make battles much more enjoyable, even for player who lose them often. Using the Spacedock, players who lost their fleets in battle can repair and redeploy a percentage of the fleets. The repair won’t use up any resources but just time. The percentage of recovered ships is related to Ship Repair Tech in the science tree. At the highest level 8, at most 60% of your fleets can be mended.

Here below is the list of items added to the game:

P.A.M. - Extends Planet Trusteeship service
Alloy Drill - Increases your planets' Alum yield by 30%.
Gas Extractor - Increases planets' Gas yield by 30%
Cloning Tank - Accelerates population increase by 30%
Science Matrix - Increases the yield of Science points on planets by 30%
Time Converter - Accelerates building construction by 20%
Pocket Stargate - Increases flight speed of ships by 30%
Arc Machine Arm - Accelerates ship building by 15%
Industrial Pattern - Increases the work duration of Celestial Industrial Bases
Combat Observation Platform - Enables you to watch combat
Command Badge - Increases the maximum amount of effective ships on each grid of all fleets
Resource Case - Use to get some resources.
Science Case - Use to get some Science points.
Supplies Case - Use to get some Supplies.

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