Galaxy Online: Patch 0.035 Now Live
The latest patch 0.035 for Galaxy Online adds new features, improvements, and bug fixes. Download the client today and log in to experience all the game has to offer players looking for a space adventure of galactic proportions.

New Features
Allied factions can move through each other’s territory to attack enemy factions. However, a war between two allied factions can only be started at the borders. A faction can only ally with one other faction. Only the faction leader can send/accept/decline an alliance invite.

Aggressive Pirates will now attack player-occupied galaxies once per week. When pirate invasion fleets prepare to attack a player-occupied galaxy, the system will issue a warning one hour in advance. Aggressive pirates will launch invasions at random, sending 10-20 fleets consisting of the same amount of ships with the pirate ships in the Ruins. If the pirate invasion fleets successfully capture a galaxy, they will regroup and replace their lost ships and fleets before moving on to attack another galaxy until they are defeated or manage to capture 10 galaxies.

Based on players’ suggestions, the Galaxy Online development team has also made the following feature modifications:
The maximum number of commanders each player will be able to have at a time has increased from 45 to 60.
Planet Reconstruction is allowed on a planet until it has 99 construction slots and its Resource Content reaches 200%.
Corps members can see the content of their own corps’ bulletin in the corps chat channel.
When the Ruins is captured, only the top three players who have earned the most experience in the battle will be able to loot the treasure chests and Life Boat.

Bug Fixes
The following bug fixes have been made:
An error that prevented players from inspecting player info within the chat box has been fixed.
An error that caused a popup box to appear when clicking the Science tree has been fixed.
An error that prevented the Blue Giant from being clicked when it is covered by a fleet has been fixed.
An error that affected the instances in a player’s home galaxy has been fixed.

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