Zu Online Version 1.12 Goes Live
Version 1.12 of Zu Online debuted on August 26, including a ton of new content and improvements to some of the features players have grown to love. Among the new content players can experience is the Wind Calamity, with its stunning graphics and challenging quests. For the more PvP-minded players out there, the Soulfight Altar is an arena where more than a few brave souls have left this world for the next. Version 1.12 also introduced some fun events and items to the game.

Soulfight Altar
Soulfight Altar is the first PvP arena in Zu Online. Players now have a place to go where they can settle their differences honorably, instead of in brawling in the street. Upon entering the Soulfight Altar, a player’s equipped items’ stats are lowered to the minimum for the duration of their visit. Combat in the arena requires more skill and less reliance on one’s gear than PvP in other zones. Nine types of stones are scattered around the arena to provide sudden boosts to players who pick them up. With less predictable results, combat in Soulfight Altar offers PvPers an exciting alternative to normal gameplay.

Wind Calamity
The Wind Calamity is open to level 180+ players. In a series of difficult quests, players must first gather certain items before they may enter Sharpwind Castle. The castle is a hardcore PvE area where players must complete several difficult challenges within just one hour.

New Events
Each Sunday, the new Holy Ox event gives players a chance to safely escort the holy animal to Desert City. The Dragon Lord event pits players against a monster to win Dragon Bones that have a chance to reward them with a Mystic Stone I, Cursed Stone V, or Cursed Stone VI. Events to tame the Golden Ox Demon and to walk oxen have also been added.

With the new level cap come new talents. To improve balance among the classes, all five clans have undergone adjustments. Sun Warrior, Moonmaiden and Swordsman clans have been modified more than the Bead Fairy and Summoner classes. The pet combination feature has also changed. Additionally, the pet areas in the starting zones have been extended, but some high-level pet areas have been removed.

With the release of version 1.12, brand new zones, bosses, items and many other fun features can be found throughout the world of Zu Online. To learn more, log in today or visit the official website at http://zu.igg.com for the latest news and game guides.
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