IronCode Gaming Unveils Pahelika: Revelations, A Myst-like Adventure for the Mac
Noida, India, Nov 20, 2013. IronCode today announced the release of Pahelika: Revelations, a call to adventure for all those who enjoy adventure and exploration in their games! Starting today, the game is available online on the Mac Store at a 20% launch discount (

Sudesh Budkoti, novice adventurer, has a problem. Ever since he returned home from his last adventure, he’s been having nightmares, or rather, a single nightmare repeated over and over. Sudesh thinks that this is something that might be connected to his last adventure. Something went wrong the last time, and Sudesh doesn’t know what it is.

Step into the shoes of the budding adventurer, retracting his steps back to his past, and uncover, using your wit and guile, the reason behind those nightmares.

You explore the game world in first person, taking in the beautiful sights, solving puzzles and turning with care into the gloomy corners and the dark corridors. Realistic graphics give the game a unique aesthetic that fits in well with the gameplay. The art is well complemented by an excellent background score.

The gameplay of Pahelika: Revelations is similar to the venerable Myst, being based upon exploration and puzzle solving. While exploring the world of Pahelika: Revelations, eventually the player will come up against obstacles or puzzles. To get past the obstacles, the player will have to piece together clues from his/her environment. The clues may come from observation, logic, or by simply talking to other individuals.

Pahelika: Revelations is available now for Mac, Windows. The game can be purchased online at a 20% launch discount through the following URL:

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