Double Whammy for Fans of Freedom!
BOSTON, MA (March 10, 2005) Irrational Games is proud to announce that Freedom Force vs. The 3rd Reich, the follow up to the popular heroic tactical RPG Freedom Force, is now on store shelves and shipping directly from . Freedom Force vs. The 3rd Reich is being distributed to retail stores by Vivendi Universal Games throughout North America.

The robust new Freedom Force vs. The 3rd Reich beta mod tools are now also available at . With these tools, fans of the game will be able to add to the already huge Freedom Force mod community. The tools include:

1. Character Tool 2: a complete solution for viewing, managing and sharing character data including meshes, skins, animations and hero files.
2. Mod Tools: a set of tools for making game modifications including the new version of FFEdit, used for mission and data editing and complete scripting documentation.
3. Art Tools: a set of tools for making art content for the game. Includes exporters for 3D Studio Max to game format, a viewer for game NIF files and complete documentation.

Freedom Force vs. The 3rd Reich focuses on the continuing adventures of the heroes of Patriot City. A new evil has emerged from the unlikeliest of places---the past. As Nuclear Winter returns with a diabolical gambit to threaten the free world, three new silver age heroes, Tombstone, Green Genie and Quetzalcoatl, step up to help thwart evil. Freedom Force finds itself transported to war-torn Europe circa WWII where the team must face its greatest threat yet! The group will have to make alliances with Sky King, Black Jack and Tricolour, three Golden Age heroes willing to sacrifice everything to save the world from the original axis of evil! Freedom Force vs. The 3rd Reich has all the city-smashing, bad-guy bashing fun of the first game but further enhances the experience of controlling a team of heroes with all their own strengths, weaknesses and personalities. With an all-new 3D real-time tactical combat engine, a completely revamped multiplayer experience, deep RPG character development and a rich storyline, players will utilize a variety of characters and abilities to defeat an array of villains in dynamic and completely destructible interactive environments!

• The Adventure Continues --- A brand new chapter in the ever-expanding Freedom Force universe
• All-New Heroes and Villains --- Six new playable heroes and dozens of new baddies from two distinct eras of comic books
• Multiplayer Action --- Vastly improved multiplayer, including several completely new modes such as the revolutionary Story-Based Multiplayer!
• All-New Graphics --- Radically enhanced graphics running on a brand new engine
• Improved interface and AI --- Heroes act on their own when necessary and the enhanced interface makes controlling your team a breeze
• Enhanced Modding Tools --- The action doesn't end with the game ---take advantage of the giant Freedom Force fan community to download or build all new characters, super-powers or even entirely new adventures!
• Fully Interactive Environments --- Everything in the Freedom Force world is destructible and interactive... knock down a building, or use a street light as a baseball bat to whack the bad guys into next week!

About Irrational Games
With offices in Boston, Massachusetts and Canberra, Australia, Irrational Games is widely recognized as one of the leading game developers. With critically acclaimed hits like "System Shock 2," "Freedom Force," "Tribes: Vengeance" and the soon to be released "SWAT 4," Irrational has earned a reputation for creating story-driven, genre-defining games. Irrational has built multi-game development partnerships with such world-class publishers as Electronic Arts and Vivendi Universal Games.
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