March of War - First Monthly Episodic Online Multiplayer Strategy Game
Company: Isotx
UTRECHT, THE NETHERLANDS – May 23, 2013 – Get ready to rewrite the history! ISOTX, developer and publisher of the award-winning Iron Grip Series, today announced that March of War, their new online cross-platform multiplayer turn-based strategy game, will be the first free-to-play game to offer a monthly episodic release - and the players will drive the story!

March of War will begin with a Mid-June release of the Pilot episode for PC and Mac, with mobile versions to follow this summer elevating the cross-platform experience to a whole new level.

The Pilot episode establishes the core game upon which subsequent, player-driven March of War episodes will be layered. Every first Thursday of the month will see the release of a new episode, containing new content including units, maps, and characters – all consistent with the theme set by ISOTX. The first episode will have a strong focus on the Soviet Union faction. True to March of War’s free-to-play model, all future episodes will contain all of the previous content and will be totally free to all players.

A Self-Sustaining Episodic Story
Through a series of monthly episodes, March of War tells the compelling story about a war-torn alternate 1940’s universe in which six factions battle it out for world domination. This is all aggregated content meaning that even new players will not miss out on anything.

“Most Free-2-Play games give players a seemingly random stream of updates,” says Vincent van Geel, Co-Founder and Creative Director of ISOTX. “We believe players will appreciate and look forward to themed monthly updates. In addition we will be actively exploring methods for including player feedback and contributions to expand the diversity of the “March of War” universe. Our goal is to establish a long term commitment with the March of War community.”

Community-Driven Development
The community shapes the March of War universe. In addition to the gameplay, players will impact the direction of the series, ensuring that the March of War universe remains in a constant state of player-driven flux. To ensure the players get a real sense of a living and breathing world, where all the different factions get to play their part, ISOTX will reveal a theme for next month’s episode.

About March of War
Redraw the borders of the 20th century in a worldwide conflict where master strategists rule …

March of War is a free-to-play online strategy game set in an alternate 1940’s conflict, in which players fight for world domination. Six unique factions engage in vividly rendered 3D battles using a rich mix of dieselpunk inspired weapons and war machines.

March of War key features include
· Free-to-play online multiplayer turn-based strategy game
· Fight with global players, seamlessly across multiple devices: PC / Mac (soon on iOS and Android Tablets)
· Vividly rendered & animated 3D battles in a dieselpunk influenced 1940s world
· Battle with or against friends in fierce PvP and co-op game modes
· Free monthly episodes set to a specific theme
· Battle “March of War” tricky AI for a fast paced 10 to 15 minute game

For more information, please visit the March of War official website:, Like us on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter .

ISOTX is a developer and publisher of high quality war games focused on highly detailed and visually stunning action and strategy games. We release games for PC, Mac and mobile devices – utilizing the strengths of every platform to build games perfectly suited to the technological opportunities available. The company’s portfolio includes games such as the online cross-platform multiplayer turn-based strategy game March of War, the free-to-play turn-based strategy game Iron Grip: Marauders and the classic FPS/Tower Defense game Iron Grip: Warlord. For more information, please visit ISOTX’ company website:
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