Isotx Releases a Scorching, Exalted Inferno
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UTRECHT, THE NETHERLANDS – November 15, 2013 – ISOTX, developer and publisher of the award-winning Iron Grip-series, announces today that the fourth episode of their free-to-play, episodic, online multiplayer, strategy game, March of War – Episode IV: Exalted Inferno, is now available for PC and Mac through Steam Early Access and the official website.

Watch the trailer of March of War – Episode IV: Exalted Inferno here.

“In the fourth episode, players get to participate in an intriguing world event centered on the coronation of a new Emperor of the Empire,” says Tim van Geel, Producer at ISOTX. “After the death of the Dragon Emperor, Empress Dowager Nagako was supposed to begin her rule over the Shogun Empire. One party, the Eunuchs, wasn’t quite happy that the Empress Dowager would lead, so they sent out a female assassin by the name of Natsuko to take care of this ‘problem’. Now, three candidates claim to be the rightful heir to the throne and players are able to cast their vote by claiming one of three territories for a certain amount of time.”

During this episode, players can look forward to some new units including the Daimyo, Akuma-class battle tank, Shaolin Monk and the Korean Archers which was chosen by the players through Vote4War. To top this off, a variety of community-driven unit skins are introduced, as well as new consumables for each faction.

When the episode comes to a close, participating players will be rewarded new units in de form of the Daimyo, Immortals, five times the Napalm Strike and an avatar item. Aside from that, the players will get the chance to receive extra units if they can fulfil the new Emperor’s wishes.

About March of War
Redraw the borders of the 20th century in a worldwide conflict where master strategists rule…

March of War is an episodic, free-to-play, online strategy game set in an alternate 1940’s conflict, in which players fight for world domination. Six unique factions engage in vividly rendered 3D battles using a rich mix of dieselpunk inspired weapons and war machines.

March of War key features include

Tactical online warfare: Deploy a variety of dirty tactics in a war-torn dieselpunk world
Player-driven world: Side with one of six unique factions on your way to world supremacy
Seamless cross-platform gameplay: Experience a new way of playing games on PC, Mac and tablets
Monthly themed episodes: Add new units to your forces and star in captivating world events every month
Community-driven development: Submit your ideas and shape the episodes through the Vote4War system

For more information, please visit the official March of War website, like us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter.

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STEAM EARLY ACCESS: March of War is a true cross-platform experience in development. As such, March of War will remain on Steam Early Access until the mobile release is imminent. Meanwhile ISOTX is working towards integrating the gameplay across the various operating systems. This way, a seamless transition and consistent level of quality can be ensured across all devices upon launching the mobile version.

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