Iron Grip: Marauders – Atelian Expansion Released!
Company: Isotx
Utrecht, the Netherlands – March 2012 – Marauders have been sighted in a new region, the mountains of Atelia! As beautiful as they are dangerous, the mountains of Atelia offer a range of new battlefields, both in raid missions against the AI and on a series of carefully crafted new PvP maps. They are also home to the Atelian Nomads, ferocious warriors who often ride huge beasts bigger than tanks into battle.

Brave the Mountains of Atelia

Between the unblemished valleys and plateaus, industrial mining and processing plants scar the landscape. Players will mostly face Baron forces in Atelia as they raid their mining operations, but the nomads will appear as foes to those who dare to raid their mountain encampments. Players will also be able to hire the Nomads for their armies, and with units like Shotgun Troopers, AT bomb wielding Nomad Riders, and the mighty Borthos, any sensible marauder will want them in their force.

More Spice to Missions

The addition of short automated ‘Assault Missions’ provide a way to earn resources and experience even when there isn’t time to play a 3D battle – they are especially useful for training up heroes. On top of this, the smuggling system has been expanded with the ability to auto-resolve smuggling defense battles or bribe attackers, if players don’t want to fight a defensive battle themselves. And regular raids haven’t been forgotten either. The ‘Rules of Engagement’ are army selection limitations that may appear on some tougher missions. They may push players a little out of their comfort zone during army setup, and provide some interesting battles!