ACE OF SPADES launches FREE Winter DLC Just in time for Christmas
Company: Jagex
CAMBRIDGE, UK – Friday 21st December 2012: Jagex, Europe’s largest independent games studio, today announced the launch of their first free update for the innovative shooter, Ace of Spades. The game, which launched on 12/12/12, has stormed the Steam charts and has cemented itself in the Top 10 Sellers list.

The first DLC update for the game launches today and includes four new maps, a new game mode and a new weapon. This free pack brings the map count up to ten, adding new sandbox environments for players to create and destroy. The DLC also add the classic Capture the Flag multiplayer mode, which will be available across original and new maps, as well as a brand new winter themed weapon, the Snow Cannon!

Commenting on the DLC release, Arash Amini, Ace of Spades Producer said, “We’ve been overwhelmed by the incredible reaction to Ace of Spades. Featuring in the Top Sellers list since launch day is a fantastic achievement for our first Steam release and is a real endorsement of the game. But we are keen to give players even more content so we are delighted to announce our new content pack which promises to further enhance the Ace of Spades experience just in time for Christmas.”

Amini continued, “Our first DLC is just the beginning, over the next few months we have a ton of new content planned, from new maps and weapons, to new classes and game modes. Gamers have put their faith in us and shown us that Ace of Spades is a game they want to play, so it’s up to us now to continue to improve the experience and create compelling new content to enjoy. We think that this DLC really packs a punch and we are particularly excited to include Heisville, our first community designed map. We know our community are extremely creative and we are keen to harness their creativity more and more with future updates.”

The full list of DLC features is:

New Maps:

Heisville – A World War 2 themed map which won our community map competition. Dodge from hedge to hedge as you avoid the sniper fire from the town of Heisville in a battle to control the town.

Block Ness – Battle around a large lake which is dominated by a frozen monster in the middle. Are you going to snipe from the trees around the outside or launch a marine attack from the lake?

Arctic Base – If you were fighting a super-villain in his hidden arctic base… this is what you would want to see. The best thing with this map is, that there are 16 enemies to kill, not just one!

Castle Wars – One for the RuneScape fans, Castle Wars map is based on the popular capture the flag mini-game from the world’s most popular adventure game. Two giant fortresses face each other across the battlefield. You’ll need to work closely with your team so when you are scaling the enemies walls, they are not sneaking into your castle.

New Game Mode:
Capture the Flag – The classic game mode where the objective is to capture the opposing team’s flag and bring it safely back to your home base.

New Weapon:
Snow Cannon – A cannon which not only acts like a gun, but also can be used to create ice blocks.

Jagex also announced that alongside the DLC, Ace of Spades will also be launching in more languages today, including Polish, Mexican-Spanish, Turkish and Russian.

Ace of Spades is the latest title from the multi-awarding UK studio behind the leading free-to-play browser MMO, the recently announced Facebook racer Carnage Racing, and the eagerly anticipated Transformers Universe.

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About Jagex
Jagex is a multi-award winning online games developer based in Cambridge, England. Jagex specialises in the development of high quality browser-based games with supporting platform and technology. Jagex is also the largest independent games developer and publisher in the UK.
Jagex has a long-standing reputation for creating the world's best online games and for developing hugely popular, high quality, accessible, free-to-play games and for providing an unbeatable community experience for millions of players around the world. Jagex has developed and self-published over 40 online titles, including the world's most popular free multiplayer online game,

About Ace of Spades
Say hello to the creative shooter. Ace of Spades is the first-person shooter that lets you create your battleground, destroy it, then create it again. Up to 32 players choose from 4 unique classes and jump into team-based, multiplayer mayhem across an endlessly evolving battlefield, to construct, destruct and take out the opposition. It’s like war, only better. Available for PC through Steam. Enlist now at
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