RuneScape announces Legacy mode poll
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Friday 31st January 2014, Cambridge, UK – Jagex Games Studio, makers of the multi-award winning fantasy MMORPG, RuneScape, has launched the next step in its exciting Power to the Player initiative. From today, members of the RuneScape community can decide on whether a Legacy combat mode, which would sit alongside the existing Evolution of Combat system, should be developed and integrated into the game. The mode would provide both members and Free-to-Play gamers with the ability to seamlessly switch to a re-creation of the classic combat system, which was replaced at the end of 2012.

In addition to subscribers, the Legacy mode poll will be the only vote that veteran free-to-play RuneScape players can take part in. The launch of this second high-tier ‘Dragonstone’ poll follows on from the success of the first Power to the Players poll, which saw many hundreds of thousands of the RuneScape community vote for the introduction of the Elf City into the game. The new content is scheduled to launch later this year.

“After an amazing response to the first Power to the Players poll, which saw members vote for the addition of a whole new city into RuneScape, we’re thrilled to offer our members a chance to once again decide the fundamentals of the game they have loved for more than 13 years,” said Dean Ollive, Content Development Manager, RuneScape. “We set out for the Power to the Players initiative to underline our dedication to delivering the RuneScape experience our community asks for. Our proposal for a Legacy combat mode is another massive step towards achieving this significant goal.”

“We’re really excited to provide our passionate community the ability to again shape the direction of RuneScape,” said Phil Mansell, Executive Producer, RuneScape. “If voted for, players will be able to choose between the modern Evolution of Combat system and the Legacy mode, for when they want a more nostalgic combat experience. While the development and integration of this complementary system is an ambitious vision, we believe that we can deliver a balanced and seamless dual combat experience to benefit everyone in our loyal community.”

Voting for Legacy mode closes on Friday 14th February.

In addition to the Legacy mode poll launch, RuneScape has delivered a raft of improvements to the Evolution of Combat system, which can now be experienced on free-to-play beta servers. Launching on the beta servers allows players to provide feedback on the improvements, which include conservation, ability queuing, and the reintroduction of special attacks, so they can be further refined before integration with the main game.

If the vote passes, the Legacy mode would include many facets of the old combat system, including 138 combat levels, the layout, special attacks, no action bar and no abilities.

Free-to-Play accounts opened pre-2013 are considered to be ‘Veteran’

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