Jamdat Mobile and id Software Bring Doom to Wireless
LOS ANGELES - (May 17, 2005) - Global wireless entertainment publisher JAMDAT Mobile Inc. (NASDAQ: JMDT) announced today that it has acquired the exclusive, worldwide distribution rights to a newly developed wireless version of DOOM® as part of a multiyear license agreement with id Software. JAMDAT will publish DOOM RPG for mobile phones in conjunction with the release of the upcoming DOOM motion picture in territories around the world. Under the terms of the agreement, JAMDAT will also publish a second id Software game for wireless.

DOOM RPG has been created by id Software specifically for mobile phones, and is based on the popular first person shooter game originally launched in 1994. DOOM and its sequels are among the most popular PC games ever, with millions of copies sold. DOOM RPG preserves the look, feel and excitement of the original DOOM game, while integrating a tactical, turn-based combat system for easy to learn one-handed gaming.

"DOOM is a legendary gaming franchise. By designing a new version of this classic specifically for mobile phones, John Carmack and the team at id Software have established a new and exciting milestone for mobile gaming," said Mitch Lasky, Chairman and CEO of JAMDAT Mobile Inc. "We are thrilled to work with the brilliant team at id to be the first to bring this amazing title to mobile gamers everywhere."

"With the blockbuster success of DOOM 3 for the PC and Xbox, as well as the anticipation for the upcoming movie, we have been eager to create a DOOM game that is designed and tailored specifically for today's mobile phones," said Todd Hollenshead, CEO, id Software. "By tapping the expertise and extensive publishing and distribution resources of mobile industry leader JAMDAT, we're able to bring this fun and addictive new DOOM RPG experience to mobile game fans around the world."

Developed by id Software in coordination with Fountainhead Entertainment, DOOM RPG is a brand new take on one of the world's most popular gaming franchises. Crafted specifically for mobile phones, DOOM RPG delivers players to a secretive Martian research facility to solve the mystery of a massive demonic invasion. Utilize classic DOOM weapons, intuitive one-handed controls, and turn-based gameplay to battle hordes of invading demons including favorites like the Pinky Demon and Imp. DOOM RPG will captivate die-hard fans looking for a little bit of Hell on the go while introducing a whole new generation to the classic that started the first-person gaming revolution.

Game availability depends on individual phone model and wireless carrier. For specific information, JAMDAT's Game Finder is available at www.jamdat.com.

About JAMDAT Mobile
JAMDAT Mobile Inc. (NASDAQ: JMDT) is a global publisher of wireless entertainment applications, including games, ring tones, images and other content. JAMDAT's application portfolio is based on original and licensed intellectual properties and includes JAMDAT Bowling, Tetris®, Lemonade Tycoon(TM), Downtown Texas Hold 'Em, Bejeweled, The Lord of the Rings®, Tony Hawk's® Underground and Scrabble®. JAMDAT distributes its applications through wireless carriers, including Boost Mobile, Cingular Wireless, 02 (UK), Nextel, NTT DoCoMo, Orange, Sprint, Telefonica Moviles, T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless, Virgin Mobile, Vivo and Vodafone. For more information, please visit www.jamdat.com.

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About id Software
id -- Freud's primal part of the human psyche and one of the hottest game shops on Earth -- has been rocking the gaming world from Mesquite, Texas since 1991. As a renowned leader in the industry, id Software forged such frenetic titles as Wolfenstein 3D(R), DOOM(R), DOOM II(R), QUAKE(R) QUAKE II(R), QUAKE III Arena(R), and Return to Castle Wolfenstein(R). With intense graphics and mind-blowing action, id's games have helped redefine the modern video game, continually setting industry standards for technology and gameplay. And, in keeping with tradition, id Software has amplified the world of adrenaline pumping 3-D gaming with the release of their latest action title, DOOM 3(R). id Software's advanced DOOM 3 engine is leading the next revolution in 3-D interactive games. Check out more about id Software at www.idsoftware.com.
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