Fear the Depth! 10.000 Feet Below the Surface, No one Will Hear Your Cry…
Rottenmann, Austria, March 2005: In the depth of the ocean, in a world of fear and darkness, your biggest adventure is waiting – as well as dangers no one has encountered before.

Aquannox – The Angels Tears is the player’s entry into the scaring world of Aqua, the place where his fascinating story takes part. JoWooD Productions and Massive Development present a PS2 Version of the successful underwater shooter which intensifies the fear of the dark and cold.

“Aquanox – The Angels Tears shows a fantastic and detailed 3D graphic, based upon the award-winning KRASS Engine developed by Massive. It unleashes the full potential of Sonys Playstation®2 and shows the possibilities of console shooter games“, comments Daniel Wehner, Product Manager JoWooD Productions. “Thrilling missions will challenge the player’s speed and skill, but he will only prevail if he’s brave enough to face even whole hordes of enemies”

Aquanox – The Angels Tears will be released in autumn 2005, bringing a unique feeling and game play to the Playstation®2.


Unique deep sea battles: Vast battles performed with the hottest and fastest subs of the future

Atmospheric environments: More than 40 story driven missions and dozens of casual missions.

Game Characters: Characters that really deserve to be called „characters“: photo-realistic in realtime 3D and animated in a never seen quality.

Game Locations: Phantastically staged under water cities.

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