Relive WWII Stories of a British Tank Commander... Panzer Elite Action for Xbox, PlayStation 2 and PC
Rottenmann, Austria, 7th July 2005 - Jowood Productions. Before the release of Panzer Elite Action for Xbox™, Playstation® 2 and PC developed by Zootfly, Jowood Productions will be releasing mini documentaries; real life stories of a Sherman tank commander, who took part in the liberation of Europe from the Nazis during WWII.

In 1944, David Render - who was only 19 at the time - had what can only be described as a life changing experience when he landed on the Normandy beaches on D-Day as part of the A Squadron, 8th Armoured Brigade. This was to be the start of a journey that would take him right across Europe into the heartland of Germany as a frontline tank-driver. He came close to death in numerous tank battles; in one battle, he changed tanks three times as the other two were taken out of action by enemy fire.

In this series, David recounts some of his most memorable times during World War II, and explains how tanks were a major weapon in the campaign against the might of the German Army. He covers topics such as; where you would keep your pet dog in the heat of battle, dealing with SS foot soldiers upfront, and how aiming for the exhaust pipe is the best way to blow up a German tank!

In the first mini documentary, David tells a story about the most dangerous of all killers - the sniper, and how they were responsible for many of the tank commanders’ deaths. David explains how he and his team dealt with them face to face.

Panzer Elite Action is a fast-paced WW2 action game that lets the player Feel the power of 30 tons of steel armor around them and gives them the ability to command increasingly powerful tanks in a series of intense and dramatic battles. The cinematic and immersive action will allow the player to experience the adrenalin rush of an intense conflict commanding 30 solid tons of steel in the heat of battle

Panzer Elite Action follows the story of three tank commanders and their crew. The German commander, flushed with the success of the Blitzkrieg in Poland and France, moves on to the Eastern Front and the brink of victory with the taking of Stalingrad. We meet the Russian commander in desperate straits as he helps defend Stalingrad, and follow him as the tide turns against the Germans and he joins the massive tank battle of Kursk. The American commander enters the war on the Normandy Beachhead on D-Day. After the struggle for the Bocage, he survives the doomed gamble to take Arnheim, defends the German outbreak at the Battle of the Bulge, and then drives on to the victorious crossing of the Rhine.


Command your tanks through 3 different campaigns set against the backdrop of the most dramatic battles of WW II

Take on the enemy with your choice from over 15 powerful and versatile tanks

Become the leader of your own squad and employ various strategies using the different tanks.

An action filled battlefield with AI controlled airplanes, infantry and enemy vehicles making the mayhem of battle come alive

Blast through houses and trees in a completely destructible environment

Graphic engine supports all up to date graphic features – from T&L effects to day and night cycles

Compelling theme, storyline, and characters created by design legend Bob Bates (Unreal,…)

Sometimes men fight not for cause or country, but for the sake of the men they go to war with and throughout Panzer Elite Action, the player will become aware of the “Band-of-Brothers” theme that brings out the special bond formed by comrades-in-arms in the heat of battle.

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