Evil Under the Sun - demo released
Liezen, Austria, January 30st 2008; The Adventure Company and JoWooD have released the official demo for Agatha Christie: Evil Under the Sun. In the Demo players will have the chance to explore the hotel’s interior. Step into Hercule Poirots’ hotel room to search for clues, speak to several characters and solve one puzzle for further insight into the murder of a famous actress. It is up to you to solve the crime!

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About Agatha Christie – Evil Under The Sun
Find out what it is like to be in the shoes of famed detective Hercule Poirot in the 3rd installment of the successful Agatha Christie Windows® series. The Agatha Christie: Evil Under the Sun demo gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself into a murder investigation on a stunning tropical island during what should have been a relaxing holiday for all. Get to know a cast of characters, each with their own dynamic personality, as you scour the island for clues and solve challenging puzzles…it’s up to you to find the killer.


stunning and varied environments for players to explore

a host of new puzzles to enhance the experience

intriguing plot twists

character dialogue choices that will impact events

exciting story based on the novel Evil Under the Sun

players take the role of famous Hercule Poirot

character dialogue choices that will impact events

less repetitive detective footwork

Developer: AWE Games
PEGI: 7+
US Release: October 9th 2007
UK Release: November 29th 2007

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